Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact hit pre-order in Europe; confirms 5 April 2018 launch

by XB on 8th March 2018

in Xperia XZ series

Pre-orders for the Sony Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact are now live on Amazon sites across Europe. Amazon UK has the Xperia XZ2 priced at £699, with three colours on offer (Liquid Black, Liquid Silver and Deep Green – no Ash Pink unfortunately) and a release date of 5 April 2018.

Amazon is also exclusively offering a dual SIM Xperia XZ2 in the UK as a separate listing, available in Liquid Black only, at the same price of £699. All of these handsets are have 4GB of RAM – the 6GB RAM version is available in Hong Kong and Taiwan only.

Amazon UK is listing the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact at £529 with the same launch day of 5 April 2018. The handset is available in Black only, and again there is a separate listing at the same price for a dual SIM version. If you are interested in the Moss Green or Coral Pink colours, then head over to Clove, although their pre-order pricing for the Xperia XZ2 Compact is higher at £599.

In Amazon’s sites across Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain) the Xperia XZ2 is priced at €799, while the Xperia XZ2 Compact is priced at €599. There are small variances in pricing depending on which site you are looking at, but the above prices are the cheapest listed. However, unlike the UK, all colour options for each phone are listed. In Europe, the phone is expected to go on sale on 6 April 2018, one day later than in the UK, according to Amazon.

So, what do you think of this pricing? Is it what you expected? Do you plan to buy the Xperia XZ2 or XZ2 Compact? We’d love to hear your views below.

Thanks Liam and Max!

  • Antero Masonen

    Already preordered

  • Manuel Picos Otero

    I’ll wait for the premium or pro or whatever you want to call,then I’ll decide.

  • LTEstyles

    Any word yet if US models will be compatible with T-Mobile US VoLTE and WiFi calling?

  • Bulitz

    Looking 4ward for IFA.

  • DBS

    Ahahahah Well, let’s be honest, Sony phones have always been overpriced considering what they (don’t) offer.

    These, however, are absolutely ridiculous. I highly doubt many people will buy the phones at all, let alone pre-order them. Asking 800€ for the XZ2 when you have other, better, phones around the same price-range is just masochism.

    Then again, considering all the crap Sony did with these abortions, I think the plan was for the phones to not sell at all and give their CEO the right excuse to shut down the division (and yeah, Hirai is out by the end of this month and you shouldn’t expect Sony’s next CEO to keep the same attitude as him just “because”).

  • Moisés

    £54 more than XZ Premium was in june 2017

  • Is that Dual SIM XZ2 Compact confirmed? Or just an Amazon mistake?

  • dpc4321

    Due an upgrade from my carrier so will probably order the XZ2 from them whenever they have it.

  • Subham Dey

    Overpriced..Priced just €50 less than S9..S9 lot more refined handset than this in terms of design and camera plus don’t forget it have 3.5mm jack
    I don’t see it will sell well..
    Compact price is great..Why charge €200 extra for standrad?? Just for bigger scrren with glass rear and dynamic vibration system!! Too much!

  • azzido

    What a joke, 700 pounds for this failure???

    This should be released 1st April to match product and its pricing…

  • Chitti- The Robot

    So taking this as a base, XZ2 will cost over Rs.62,000/- ( plus taxes) in India. Say Rs.69,990/-?
    I would be glad if Sony could sell anything more than 1000 phones per month with that price in India.

  • yopo

    :O just one word: EXPENSIVE

  • yopo

    that price ??? so
    No dual camera
    No headphone jack
    Too “fat”
    No bezel-less
    No OLED display
    No raw on pictures
    No Volte support
    No inovation
    Fingerprint back why? it it still have big bezels
    Ugly desing

    NO NO NO :(

  • johala02

    I put a preorder on Xperia XZ2. Not a cheap device but here in Sweden its priced significant below the new Samsung Galaxy S9. And Sony bundled the deal with some wireless headphones to.
    I dont know the pricing in other markets. But you must of course compare it with other flagships in same category.

  • ganesh

    I am waiting for it. It will take some more time arrive in Dubai. This is an ok looking device. Actually look is not that much important because 95% of the people are going to use a cover on it including myself. lol . With my past experience with the xperia, it will last for another 3 years until my next purchase.

  • lolop

    Agreed. Sony are always overpriced initially but the price comes down quite a lot over the next few months. S9 is not that far off and it’s a WAAAAAAAAAAAY better phone. This is probably the first XPERIA I’ll give a miss.

  • JC

    Did you mean, OVERPRICED?

  • Akand

    But in Germany, price of Xperias don’t drop as quick as Galaxies. Though I don’t like Sony’s progress line, but I don’t think they are overpriced. In term of usability, performance, stability and durability they’re still unbeatable in real life. I don’t care what synthetic benchmark scores say. They just fall a bit short only in low light photography. That’s it. And rests are just marketing strategy.
    But with XZ2 design change, Sony just disappointed me.
    All are as per my point of view and experience.

  • DBS

    For how much is the S9 retailing in Sweden?

  • DBS

    The “Compact” is made of plastic and lacks wireless charging (God knows why…).

    So 600€ for the “Compact” is also ridiculous. You’d be better served with the XZ1C that’s retailing for less than that.

  • Jer

    Sorry for your loss.

  • RockStar2005

    Same here.

  • RockStar2005

    Wow lol

  • RockStar2005

    In the U.S. we NEVER get the extra like the headphones, etc., that other countries get. You prob get VoLTE too eh? lol LUCKKYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

  • johala02

    Pricing at my phone carrier Telia.

    Xperia XZ2: 7995 SEK
    Galaxy S9: 8895 SEK
    Galaxy S9+: 9895 SEK
    iPhone X 64GB: 11495 SEK

    So overall compared to other flagship devices I think the pricing is alright here in Sweden anyway.

  • Barricade

    Yeah, I know right, €50 beneath the S9, how could they?

    But I agree phones in general are getting to expensive these says. Thank God Xperias usually get discounted rather quickly or come with a €300+ headphone. I’m tempted to get this if it drops to somewhere between €500-600.

  • RockStar2005

    I’m guessing no. The XZ1 Compact U.S. page lists T-Mo VoLTE compatibility, but the XZ2 and XZ2 Compact don’t. The XZ2 Compact though will be a (lame) “Verizon Exclusive” though, so my guess is Verizon ppl who buy it through Verizon will have VoLTE. Either way, a GIANT F U to Sony Mobile cuz I have T-Mo too! lol (See “Connectivity” section)

    I’m still hoping the XZ2 Premium gets T-Mo VoLTE, but if I had to bet, it’d be no, b/c well, Sony Mobile is DUMBBB! lol

  • Christer Sjaunja

    I have VoLTE on my xperia XZ since an update last year here in Sweden so I am sure XZ2 will have it.

  • RockStar2005

    Hey Christer,

    That’s awesome. Unfortunately for us ppl in the U.S., Sony Mobile isn’t as generous (and well, sensible lol) as they are in other countries like Sweden. I have like 0% faith our XZ2 will EVER get such an update. lol

    For T-Mobile here in the U.S,. the phone has to get certified with T-Mo for VoLTE to work, which costs the OEM money and time. For some idiotic reason, Sony Mobile only did it for the XZ1 Compact last year, a phone I would never buy b/c I’m not into the Compact series. I was VERY excited to buy the XZ Premium last year, but b/c they didn’t get it certified, I passed and got the T-Mo LG V30 instead. It’s a great phone, but I’d prefer the XZ Premium. It really sux, but oh well.

  • Rene Pedroso

    So what phone has all of the things you want for the price you want? What are you going to purchase?

  • Rene Pedroso

    Can you provide the details on the comparison S9 vs XZ2, Pro’s and Cons. How is the S9 WAAAAAAAAAAY better

  • Rene Pedroso

    I have owned and Xperia since the X1 and the designs have ALWAYS been criticized over the years. NO ONE has EVER told me they did not like my Sony Ericsson or Sony phone when they see me using it. In fact they ALWAYS love it. Also, while at parties they always want me to take pictures with my Xperia vs their iPhones because my pics ALWAYS come out perfect.

  • eelpout

    What other phones besides Sony’s and the Pixels gives us consistent monthly updates? I think that’s part of what we’re paying for.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Why not purchase an unlocked version????

  • ganesh

    Even I feel the same but I am going to preorder the xz2 the reason being I am going to put a plastic or crystal cover on the top because of the glass back. Overall performance I think Sony is still unbeatable. my xperia z3 dual performance exceeds my iPhone 7 plus. I do not know when it will be available in Dubai.

  • Rene Pedroso

    REALLY, lol. Design and camera plus 3.5mm jack. You really do ot know what Sony’s plans are for there cameras. They are coming with one camera in the future innovation that will be better than having two, the jack is not needed because the sound quality can be the same through wireless Sony headphones or in ear. Also if you really need to plug in the just use the adapter. It really does not add that much bulk to the headphone (if it is a pocket issue then go old school walkman style).

  • Rene Pedroso

    But the XZ1C doesn’t have some of the updated features (processor, 1080, 960FPS, 4K HDR, etc…. Just wait for the price to drop and I am sure most who may be interested would see the XZ2C will be well worth the wait.

  • Rene Pedroso

    What phone are you referring to that was just released is not expensive????

  • Rene Pedroso

    What phone is not OVERPRICED???

  • Rene Pedroso

    Why do you have to get the US version?????

  • ganesh

    The first xperia I had was the xperia Neo and it was a beast during those days then I bought xperia z3 dual. even today it is performing better than my iPhone 7 plus. Then I bought an xperia x performance for my sister an it is smooth as a butter. Now I want xz2

  • Moisés

    In Brazil XZ did not have even earphones inside the box…
    Fast charger never shows up..

  • Moisés

    Coil takes space..
    Compact cant even have DVS due to smaller body.

  • Moisés

    Actually new camera will be dual.

  • Moisés

    Dual sim is true

  • Moisés

    Here I remember that Z2 was just 10% more than S5.
    Z3+ was same price of G4. Both almost 20% less than s6 edge.
    XZP , G6 and S8 were same price.
    XZ1 and XZP cost same on Sony website.

  • DBS

    IT actually doesn’t. The coil is a very thin thing that can be placed on top of the components. It doesn’t need a special space.

    And the XZ2C isn’t even a real “Compact” anymore. It doesn’t have it because Sony simply has been on this path of making the Compact a shittier version.

  • DBS

    – An infinitely better display;
    – A bigger screen…but a smaller phone;
    – OIS;
    – a rear camera that blows away the one on ANY Xperia (and that’s without factoring in the dual-aperture), while adding also the 960fps of the XZ1 line;
    – a better front facing camera;
    – Iris scanner and face recognition;
    – a headphone jack.

    All of this for 50€ more.
    Unless you trade in. In which case it’ll be cheaper than the XZ2.

  • Akand

    Xperias are overpriced only to them who are actually washed by heavy marketing of others. Wherever they look at, they see either Samsung or iPhone commercials, Huawei and Google joined later. It’s too normal as well. People believe what they’re consistently made hear, see and believe.
    Xperia devices were never overpriced because they provide most user friendly, stable, butterly fluid performance of them all. In real life Xperias are unbeatable. Synthetic benchmark scores don’t tell the experience all the time. Xperia devices even more stable then Pixels.
    Now let’s see how marketing made people like you believe that Xperia devices are the worst
    1. No paid reviewers praised Xperias enough for their battery efficiency.
    2. No paid reviewers praised Xperias enough for their most stable and fluid performances.
    3. No paid reviewers praised Xperias enough for their most user friendly and lag free UI.
    4. No paid reviewers praised Xperias enough for their premium build quality what look elegant, feel premium.
    5. No paid reviewers praised Xperias enough for their display quality. How natural the colours are.
    6. No paid reviewers praised Xperias enough for their highly detailed and accurate colour reproduction on daylight photography. And their best video stabilisation system. They just criticised their low light photography, where Xperias fall a bit short.
    7. Paid reviewers highly criticised Sony for late but stable Android upgrade. But now they don’t even care enough when manufacturers are upgrading their androids. They don’t talk because they can’t bash Sony anymore in this case. They are fast and stable. Look at your beloved Samsung, they still couldn’t manage to upgrade their android version.
    How many people do use RAW image?? When they can’t find it on Xperia ,they need it. Actually less than 1% people use it.
    There’re dozens of marketing strategy from others what make you hate Xperia. These are just a few of them.

  • Rene Pedroso

    – An infinitely better display;
    LOL, Sony invented OLED displays in 2007. You just don’t get it. If they wanted to make an OLED display they would. It is not necessary in a mobile device just like 4K HDR is not.

    – A bigger screen…but a smaller phone;
    Really, LOL (2.3mm x 3.3mm x 2.6mm at it’s thickest point) its insignificant

    – OIS;
    Again OIS vs EIS Seriously

    – a rear camera that blows away the one on ANY Xperia (and that’s without factoring in the dual-aperture), while adding also the 960fps of the XZ1 line;
    LOL, you reference the XZ1. The XZ2 does 960fps at 1080. And obviously you do not know how to use the Xperia line camera or haven’t seen reviews

    – a better front facing camera;
    To do what, take a selfie, LOL

    – Iris scanner and face recognition;
    Face, Voice, Finger (it’s the same thing)

    – a headphone jack.
    Really, there are a million options for wireless that give you great sound quality. If you really want to plug in then use the adapter

    All of this for 50€ more.
    Unless you trade in. In which case it’ll be cheaper than the XZ2.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Thanks, LOL I updated my comment

  • RockStar2005

    Hmm. Well we DO get the charger, but never the earphones. F’ing Sony Mobile! lol

  • RockStar2005

    Well if I want VoLTE, the int’l version I’m guessing won’t have it as Sony Mobile wouldn’t spend money certifying it for T-Mobile VoLTE AND the U.S. one too. I guess they’d have to pay twice then to get it certified? So it’s more economical to JUST do the U.S. version. But then they only do that for the Compact phone. It’s called being a F’ING IDIOT! lol

  • RockStar2005

    See my other answer I just sent you a minute ago.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I looked up what Sony phone worked on T-Mobile with VoLTE and what I found was the Z3 (the spec sheet does not state VoLTE but it is compatable on T-Mobiles network). Maybe I have no idea what I am talking about but it seems to me the unlocked XZ2 is 4G LTE capable.

  • Ali Mir

    The same people who call this overpriced / expensive seem to be the ones that are okay with what Apple/Samsung/Huawei/Nokia/Google/HTC etc. offer. I don’t believe you buy Sony phones at all and therefore, need something to whine about. Hence, your opinion of them being overpriced is just trash. If you think phones are overpriced in general, I agree with you completely.

    Sony flagship phones have always been reasonably priced. I have always bought them at roughly 20% to 33% cheaper than any Galaxy/Note/iPhone/Pixel/M/One of their era. Also there are freebies with them which are always welcome.

    When I bought phones, Good ol’ Xperia P was cheaper than S2 and other Nokia/HTC offerings of that time. Xperia Z was cheaper than S4, Z3 was cheaper than S5/S6, Z5 was cheaper than S6/S7.

    Anyway, for me, price isn’t the matter. I won’t buy cuz it looks ‘meh’ with no headphone jack.Still, the color ‘green’ is just awesome. :p

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah I used to have the locked T-Mobile Z3 a few years ago. One of the best phones I ever had! Since it was locked & sold directly by T-Mobile, it was up-to-date when it came to features. But see back then, we didn’t have VoLTE in my area (Chicago area). It wasn’t activated by T-Mobile until last summer actually. So back when I had the Z3 VoLTE was NOT an issue as it is now.

    I don’t know if T-Mobile ever gave the Z3 a VoLTE update or not as I kept the phone about 15-16 mos and then got another phone. They might have, but it didn’t matter for me.

    YES, you are correct Rene……….the XZ2 is definitely 4G LTE CAPABLE, however……….in order to use Band 12 (which is a much stronger and far-reaching radio band or spectrum vs. the other more common T-Mobile bands), T-Mobile also requires your phone be “T-Mobile VoLTE-certified” by the OEM/maker, or else even if it is a GSM phone and therefore compatible with T-Mobile, you won’t be getting the FULL functionality of the phone unless it’s VoLTE-certified with T-Mo too. It’s a pain in the a$$ actually, but they do that to be certain that phones used on T-Mo’s network are fully functional. Getting certified costs time and money to the OEM, and Sony Mobile apparently doesn’t think certifying THEIR F’ING FLAGSHIP PHONES is worth their time & money.

    So although I love Sony’s phones, I f’ing HATE the people who run the show there at Sony Mobile. If I was running things, they would sh*t on Apple and Samsung. They are stupid and have no balls. They don’t even really market here at all. That is why so many Americans know Sony but have no clue they sell phones too. And so they go and buy Samsung and Apple…… more, get less. If Sony marketed and sold their phones through the carriers, it would be a MUCH different story I’m sure.

  • DBS

    “Sony invented OLED displays in 2007. ”

    Ahahahahahahahahah you have no fucking clue about history, mate.
    OLED was first theorised in a French university in the 50’s and first device with an OLED screen was created in 1987 BY KODAK.

    Sony not only didn’t invent shit, they DON’T have the capacity of producing an OLED screen themselves. That’s why their TVs use LG Display panels and why they’re investing a bunch of money in JDI.

    So yeah. You just made a fool of yourself.

    “Really, LOL (2.3mm x 3.3mm x 2.6mm at it’s thickest point) its insignificant”

    Do you even know what that means in terms of usage? You have no fucking clue, do you?
    Or is that what you tell yourself to feel better about yourself? “0.6cm in length isn’t significant.”?

    “Again OIS vs EIS Seriously”

    Again your insurmountable ignorance shows.
    Do you even know what is OIS? Do you know WHY it is necessary? Do you know why EIS is shit in comparison? No, you do not.

    “LOL, you reference the XZ1. The XZ2 does 960fps at 1080. And obviously you do not know how to use the Xperia line camera or haven’t seen reviews”

    Oh here we go. If the photos out of Xperias are shit, it MUST be the users fault. Yeah. It’s not because the cameras are shit (when they are).
    And you mention reviews?
    That’s funny.
    It seems you’re the one who hasn’t read them. Otherwise you’d know not only that they agree on the cameras being sub-par but also on why OIS is needed.

    God forbid you should learn how to read…

    “To do what, take a selfie, LOL”

    Or a conference call? Or video-chatting with your girlfriend?
    Oh, I’m sorry. You probably are too scared of your own face to open up the camera let alone get one of those ;)

    “Face, Voice, Finger (it’s the same thing)”

    LOL no, it’s not. Also…you can unlock the S9 with your voice via Google Assistant. But I was talking about OEM features, not things that are common across Android phones. But I guess you needed to come up with that to try and match it. Nop. Still didn’t work.

    “Really, there are a million options for wireless that give you great sound quality. If you really want to plug in then use the adapter”

    There are billions of computers in the world. You want a browser, use one of them. You don’t need a smartphone.
    See how stupid your argument is?
    People do NOT have to go around carrying dongles just because some OEM decided to copy Apple.
    And they do NOT have to waste money on new headphones either.
    And for audiophiles…well, no wireless connection is anywhere near good enough to replace an analog one.

    I think you just made ABUNDANTLY clear why the S9 is WAAYYY better by trying to use the most ridiculous excuses to defend what doesn’t have defence.

  • Juan Carlos

    I already PRE-Ordered mine!! so excited, by the way I think that Sony is charging a fair price for XZ2, latest processor, new design, wireless charging, Full HD+ HDR display, 4K HDR recording, new vibration system and you can be sure that you will receive the latest updates faster than any manufacturer!

  • mountain

    I am surprised that people are still getting their phone at that price. There are always discounted price available at launch. FYI, I got my XZ1 Compact at launch for €370, XZP for €560 and XZ for €500.

  • JC

    budget phones

  • JC

    Probaby cuz they live in the US?????

  • iia3ezu

    Oh please don’t flatter Sony with non-existent virtues.

    Fanboys be fanboy-ing.

  • iia3ezu

    Why are you surprised? It’s the Sony brand premium tax. Happens all the time.

    This was actually bragged about here on Xperiablog:

    “Sony Xperia phones generate highest unit profit in Android world”

    Key word is “unit profit”.

    Give it a few months, and the XZ2/Compact goes straight into the ‘bargain bin’ or ‘unsold inventory’ category.

  • Akand

    I am not flattering Sony with non-existent virtues. All the virtues I have mentioned do exist. Either you don’t use Xperia or you’re of Never-pleased kind.

    Haters be hate-ing.

    N.B: I am extremely disappointed with XZ2 too, especially with the FPS placement and omission of 3.5mm jack.

    But Xperia devices are not that bad you haters used to or try to say. Sony used to be solid, user friendly and unique. But with XZ2 they went a lot generic, which is very hurtful.

  • Vijaykumar

    Yes. Xperia phones are known for it’s longevity and stable performance. I have Xperia L and it still works great. Now I am using Z3 compact. I think its the best phone Sony ever made.Still working like a charm. XZ2 is disappointing in terms of design but performance should be great.

  • Akand

    Xperia XZ2 over S9
    -More stable, solid and faster performance.
    -Almost zero lag (so far I found lag on call log only)
    -Stereo speakers with better audio quality (not as loud as S9 though, but it depends on taste: quality or loudness)
    -more eye friendly display (again preference), ohh now it’s HDR
    -Better battery life
    -3D scanner (which is very capable of tricking your beloved S9’s face recognition with the help of a 3D scanner)

    Paying 50€ more for a vivid display and a little better camera while sacrificing performance, battery life, superior audio experience, it’s all about personal taste.

    Only their stupid placement of FPS and omission of 3.5mm jack are preventing me to go with XZ2. 3.5mm would not be a big factor if my old laptop can be connected to Bluetooth headset hassle-freely. But I am not interested to go with rear mounted FPS so early.

  • DBS

    1 – I don’t know about stable (I’d have to test them with daily use), but faster it sure isn’t. They use the same processor and RAM (well, actually that’s not true. The international S9 is better as the Exynos processor are marginally faster than Snapdragon’s)

    2 – The lag card is very old and outdated. Time you ditched it. The S9 lags as much as the XZ2 (which is not at all). Overtime? Overtime yeah, it does lag as updates start stacking up. But to be honest, I only faced lag on an S7 after two years of updates.

    3 – The S9 has stereo speakers. The quality, as you said, is a matter of taste. I personally am in favour of having the shittiest speaker quality possible when playing it loud to stop idiots on public places from being tempted to see videos without earphones.

    4 – Display, yeah. If you like LCDs, sure. I’d rather have by eyeballs pulled than ever dealing with a display that can’t show proper blacks again.
    (Both XZ2 and S9 support HDR so…)

    5 – That remains to be seen. We have no battery life tests on either the XZ2 nor the S9 (only the S9+). That said, Sony’s days of having phones with 2 days of battery life ended with the Z3 line, unfortunately.

    6 – AniSamiMoji or wtf they call it. It’s a gimmick just like the 3D scanner on Xperias (which, let’s be honest, is absolute sh*t anyway. The thing is a nightmare to use, requires you to basically be on a very large room with someone or something in the middle of it, nothing around it and a sh*t ton of light. Otherwise it won’t even less you pass the tutorial.) And by the way…based on WHAT EVIDENCE are you stating that the 3D scanning of an Xperia, when printed, can fool a face recognition scanner?

    You’re paying 50€ more for a camera that’s far far better, not “little better”. And a far better display. And all the other things you said, they’re speculation. You haven’t used the XZ2 yet. No one has.

    I do agree on rear mounted fingerprint scanners. In fact, if Sony doesn’t fix that, the XZ1C will be the last Xperia I ever buy.

  • Zratul

    When I bought my Z5 at 699 euros. I know it had that “Sony tax” but at that time,

    it was the only flagship with IP68, SD Card reader, dual speakers, premium materials and nicely placed Fingerprint sensor.

    It was kind of “justified” somehow.

    But now there is not just appeal anymore on this series as competitors caught up and Sony didn’t step up its game. Charging that much for like nothing special is…

    I only talk for the standard XZ2 though. The compact XZ2 has definitely its form-factor that is unique.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Imo the Xperia xz2 have a perfect size of bezels, and stereo speakers :D It sure does support voice over lte even Xperia z5 series does xD Only deal breaker for me is the missing headphone jack :p And I love how people complain on the phone just by the looks from videos check it out irl before judging it :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    You got some solid points, however RAW format is something I really want in a smartphone since that is the only format I’m using when taking pictures with my Sony alpha A6000 camera :D

  • Emil Oskarsson

    The Xperia xz aswell as the x performance was released with voice over lte support, however most Swedish carriers didn’t activate it in their networks until last year :D

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah I love the green color of the galaxy line ups displays…. Make me puke on the displays all the time… I prefer my xz premium lcd screen over an Amoled screen from Samsung every day a week xD

  • Emil Oskarsson

    The galaxy s8 line up lags a lot compared to my xz premium so… Feels so slow xD

  • hansip

    just because the design doesn’t suit you doesn’t mean it’s a failure to everybody though.. Fail to reach your pocket, that’s the only failure i see.

  • Tann

    Pricing is ridiculous, but as is every other premium OEM phone pricing out there….
    Lacking the 3.5 mm jack, I already decided not to upgrade.
    Seeing this pricing, good thing I did.

    Sony, Sony…with that price and no jack…you may maybe attract some iphone users.
    But then again, a typical apple user is preety dumb these days, as like this :
    So wrong decision, Sony.

  • Arjun Arora

    India is also getting the 6gb ram variant.

  • SheilaScotto

    The design is not really prominent.

  • azzido

    Failure for removing headphone jack, 2017 specs of RAM and internal storage, fail od fps placement, fail of 2011 crappy F2.0 camera, fail for ugliest fat design ever and downgrade for front facing camera.

  • hansip

    Headphone Jack? sure, but it’s not like there’s no solution, just use the supplied dongle or if you think it’s ugly Y dongle, just buy 2 US$ Xiaomi adapter and left it attached to your headphone (as if the headphone is USB-C kind) it will be fine for 95% of the time (5% is when charging).

    6GB and 64GB is still more than adequate for 2018, plus MicroSD to store all the photos. 128GB is for ones that doesn’t have MicroSD. Even then people should cleanup their app collections once in a while.

    4K HDR capable sensor is crappy? geez..

    Ugly design? yes i concur. that’s my reply up there.

    about that front cam, Well if it’s an Ultra Pixel like solution then why not? besides it can do 3d creator now.

  • HAWX

    I hope all of their wrong design, marketting, overpricing and bad customer servicesink with their mobile devision on this one and they got their lesson once and for all.

    They have never listened, never understood what really matters for customers. They always treated customers like old people who don’t understand from spesifications, Photography, Audio, and display. Even the person responsible for camera said most customers don’t zoom and examine the image pixel by pixel. Even if they survive for now, they won’t sell any phone to newer generation with this strategy. Sony is milking the people who don’t know or have time to get proper information and compare with the other phones. Stupid and short lifed strategy.

  • Khillo81

    Well, it depends on whether you are really in dire need of a new phone. Sometimes, retailers will provide offers that sweeten the deal; for example, I paid full price for my XZ1 Compact when I preordered it just to get the awesome h.ear on 2 headset (normally worth 300 euros)

  • Kasen Naidu

    Its Simple…If you dont like it then dont buy it. Ppl that like it wont mind the price…
    No use commenting when you not going to buy it.

  • lolop

    As fans we’re disappointed with the product and we want to express it. If everyone thought like you did nothing would ever get criticised and nothing would ever change.

  • lolop

    The XZ2 is £699. The Galaxy S9 is £739, the S9 is a far better phone. I’m a Sony fanboy but try to be objective. The XZ2 shouldn’t cost this much because it’s way behind the S9, Google Pixel XL etc.

  • lolop

    Yeah their compacts have really gone downhill recently. Z5C was pretty nice but it was too heavy and too hot.

  • Tomislav Matić

    That is WF-1000X best this tipe headphones. Very good Sony. They cost from 159 EUR. I believe they will include them in UK too.

  • lolop

    I don’t care about benchmarks either but the Samsung has a much better OLED display and that reason alone is enough for some people. The camera is a lot better as well. It’s simply a better phone. In my country the S8 is still around £500 whilst the XZ1 is around £300 – £350. These phones will perform similarly

  • lolop

    S9 has an OLED screen which is far better than LCD.
    The display is bigger but it’s a smaller handset. Honestly the display alone makes it better than the XZ2. The camera is better on the S9. It has a headphone jack.

  • arcu de triumf

    The moment of truth. Let’s see how it goes. Like Michael Jackson said: All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us :D
    And NO, I won’t buy such thing.

  • Barricade


  • Ali Mir

    Well that’s subjective… Which phone is better. For me galaxies were never overpriced as I never wanted to buy them but I got my Sony phones at much lesser price than devices with similar specs historically. In your example, you get a headphone jack and maybe an arguably better camera with s9. The rest is all personal preference.
    And Google pixel is an android iPhone so the price has to be competitive with iPhone. Phones are just generally expensive these days.

  • singh

    great points sony are the most stable android experience had the z, z3, z5 now xz non have let me down. Its true samsung marketing brainwashing everyone, i remember when all the so called review experts said waterproofing was a gimmick, hi res was not needed, sony slow at update’s, 4k hdr gimmick , 960fps is a gimmick, but now all biased review sites praising Samsung for waterproofing, 960fps, metal glass design, stereo speakers, usb c and many more. the price is abot the same as most flagships.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    remember 2011 at the time phones are just €299

  • algiuz

    Sony phones drop in price very quickly. So its worth a wait until mid summer to pick it up for +-400 euros.

    I’ll buy it one when.

  • Alex Norris

    Same. Without dual camera, Xz2 not interesting

  • azzido

    Belly design is horrible, fps placement is disaster, 2011-2017 specs are outdated, so fat and battery still smaller than in mid rangers that has smaller screen, no headohone jack…

    No money for Sony.
    Maybe next time? Who knows, I hope they will not deliver such flop anymore.

    Sales will tell.
    Fingers crossed it will not sell well :>

  • azzido

    Considering S9 for best F1.5 camera with OIS and headphone jack or maybe new Nokia. Or maybe XZ Premium2 we will see soon that will not be disaster as xz2?

    Will see. For the moment avoiding Sony and most probably to switch the brand for the first time ir stick with XZ Premium until Sony delivers something correct. Now sony is no longer relevant at mobile.

  • azzido

    But with sony this time you are getting less / worse. Its more like medium range phone.

  • paul_cus

    I hope Sony doesn’t think they’ll get away with that price in the US. People aren’t really even buying iPhone X here and that seems to be the bar for that price tier.

  • Shinchan Crayon

    The photos taken by XZ2 are much more better than S9+, no yellowish.
    Frankly, dual camera manufactured by sucksung is nothing but gimmick.

  • Actman

    Speed wise – They lost it to Nokia!
    Updates with featureless new goodies – They won!
    Design wise – They lost it to Sam’s S Series (My Personal Opinion).
    Price wise – They even beat Apple’s!
    700 pounds for a brick and only sustainable for 2 years whilst plenty of OEMs are going up for ADDITIONAL 1 or 2 years well go ahead fanboys!

  • Alex Norris

    And where you see this camera test ..? If the comparison on youtube, then this is fake. That’s when gsmarena or phonearena will compare S9+ and XZ2 cameras, then we’ll talk ..)

  • johala02

    It got the latest Snapdragon 845 processor. So its good enough for me. I liked the new Samsung devices to. But they have been slow with updates before, and I prefeer Sonys version of android with less bloatware.

  • anewprofile

    If GSMarena shots are correct, the XZ2 camera destroys the SGS9 and the iPhoneX. It looks like they uploaded them too early too?!

    I wonder if its a mistake. But if its true, I might get a XZ2 afterall. The difference is incredible:



  • skrug

    check the lowlight and move the box around and look at the details of spongebob, star etc

  • Tadija Djurovic
  • Tibor Hornyák

    So Damn ugly. AND One more embarassing thing : CAMERA BUMP! WHY? ?????????????????????????

  • AllanKafka

    Whoa, super impressive!!!
    Differences in ISO and sensor size/resolution might account for the different quality of the result. But I have yet to understand how they managed to get such a stable shot at 1/8s without OIS on the XZ2, while the S9 chose 1/14s despite having OIS.
    And the XZ2 does unbelievably better than the XZ1 as well, probably due to the lower shutter speed and ISO (1/8s-ISO200 on the XZ2 vs 1/32s-ISO800 on the XZ1). But what else changed between the two shots?
    If you compare the Galaxies, you will notice that S9 does slightly worse than S8 despite its larger aperture – and that’s strange as well, and it contrasts with the great results they got in real life night shots on the review.

  • Tobias Hedlund


  • Tobias Hedlund

    Uhm, The regular S9 doesn´t either have dual camera sooooooo, what´s the difference there? Only the S9+ model has that!!
    Sony has Volte in the XZ/XZs/XZP/XZ1/XZ1C here in Sweden though.
    But some of your comments are plain stupid.
    Neither of the OEM´s today has innovative hardware, they only have small differences in looks, some looks better and some worse.

  • AllanKafka

    Yeah, that’s what I thought as well, but I cannot see why they would change their ways now – I think they either test all phones with a tripod or all without a tripod. So I still can’t understand the difference between XZ2 and XZ1…

  • Anonymouse

    Despite publicly announcing that the US market is “important” to their business, US pre-orders last as usual. I hope this delay is due to carrier certification, (i.e. making sure it works on all US carriers or at least the big 4) but I won’t be surprised if it isn’t.

  • eelpout

    Sony reportedly worked with Qualcomm to help develop the Spectra 280 ISP, which they use to improve their overall image quality. So same IMX sensor, but different processing.

  • Alex, you’ve got to see this.

    Gsmarena has published XZ2 camera samples from their studio.

    I’m shocked that XZ2’s images are so sharp in all lighting conditions, even better than S9, Pixel 2, and previous generation Xperias.

    Has Sony finally created flagship worthy image quality? What do you think, bro?

  • LTEstyles
  • anewprofile

    until now they’ve not used a tripod, but who knows what they did this time

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah…………same thing as what I’d read as well. To be safe, I’d advise anyone reading this who has Verizon and wants the XZ2 Compact to buy it locked from Verizon vs. the unlocked one which I’d bet isn’t Verzon VoLTE-certified.

  • Alex Norris

    Yes, indeed, XZ2 shots with more detail. They really start working to their software, after 5 years? Thanks god, my eyes see this

  • The only thing that confuses me is why does XZ2 choose 1/8s shutter speed for shooting in the dark? That’s quite painful for f/2.0 lens without OIS.

  • Alex Norris

    Maybe they used Steadyshot for the photo..?

  • Alex Norris

    But strange.. In good light conditions, XZ2 not better than S9..

  • any proof besides amazon listing?

  • What I see is.. XZ2 is still sharper than S9 but with noticeable processing artifacts. S9 is a bit softer but with almost no processing artifacts, it’s like real camera quality.

  • Alex Norris

    This news appeared in the Xperia groups and there said that photo quality improved, due to the fact that Qualcomm developed the software for Sony
    But these are just laboratory tests, as will be in reality, time will tell. I have some doubt about the improved quality, since I saw review on MWC and bloger tested the XZ2 camera, and photos not impressed ..

  • Alex Norris

    Here, the really camera comparison on MWC. XZ2 vs Note8, Iphone X, Pixel XL2

  • pt020

    Preorder with no Headphones?
    With the XZ1 Compact I got the MDR-1000X.

  • pt020

    The dual camera of the competition is made by Sony,
    If they do not use it there must be a reason.

  • pt020

    Sami fanboy

  • Aelavin

    In my opinion current design is a big downgrade in compare to previous devices. Previous devices maybe were not the best in terms of ergonomic (nicely shaped sides but sharp top and bottom edges), but had unique design. If you had to look at set of many phones and with ease you could pick up any Xperia. Other phones are just mix of copy-paste designs.

    In terms of pricing, it is quite ridiculously priced. You pay more money for less functions and much more bulky and “cheap” looking design (compact looks a little bit better because of matte plastic back). Improved camera won’t help when the phone doesn’t offer anything more in return.
    In some countries they add PS4 to pre-orders. That may be a little bit better deal, but when the pre-order will end up Sony will be left with much more overpriced phones.

    In my opinion if Sony want to make nicely build and ergonomic phone then they should go back to Xperia P design – slender, aluminium unibody. At least it won’t be looking cheap as hell.

  • maciek0714

    In Poland they are giving free PS4 Slim 500GB to XZ2 pre-order

  • JXperia
  • JXperia
  • Alex Norris
  • Alex Norris

    Faisal, don’t rejoice ahead of time, as always, Sony again losing to Iphone. Classic

  • Thanks for the heads up, Alex.. Maybe the conditions in gsmarena studio favours the XZ2, maybe the shots were done too close etc

    Guess i’ll wait for the phone to get released and see the real comparison

  • lolop

    AMOLED is also better than LCD.

  • Ali Mir

    Not too sure on that one mate… It has been ages for me since I used AMOLED in 2011/12 on Nokia E7… moved to Xperia P and loved the display even though it was LCD.

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