Sony Ericsson finally releases LiveView promo video

by XB on 18th February 2011

in Accessories, Videos

Sony Ericsson finally releases LiveView promo videoSony Ericsson has finally got round to releasing a promotional video for the LiveView remote-display accessory. The Bluetooth mini display was announced last September, but only recently went on sale in the US. It’s a great concept allowing you to take control of an Android handset (not SE specific) remotely, so you can check Facebook/Twitter, use it as a media player amongst other things including exercising.

The LiveView can be kept with you at all times by wearing it as a watch, although several reports suggest it’s not the most sturdy, with the display popping out of the plastic clip. It also had some buggy connection issues that have largely been fixed by the latest firmware update. It’s an exciting gadget with a number of new apps being developed for it all the time. If you’re interested, check out the video after the break.


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