PSX4Droid emulator pulled from Android Market just as Xperia PLAY launches. Coincidence?

by XB on 31st March 2011

in Android, Games, Xperia PLAY

WipeoutIt looks like Sony has had a quiet few words with Google as one of the most popular Playstation emulators called PSX4Droid has disappeared from the Android Market, just as the Xperia PLAY is due to launch. The emulator has been on the Market for nearly 18 months before it was removed due to “content violation.”

ZodTTD, the developer of the app, has speculated that the timing of the removal is too much of a coincidence for there not to be something behind this. “Sony’s Xperia Play must be coming soon. Google just suspended all my legal Sony PSX emulator app id’s from Marketplace,” he tweeted. As of writing, the other Playstation emulator, FPSE, remains on the market. Although how long for is anyone’s guess.

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