Sony Store now selling Xperia arc unlocked in US for $599.99

by XB on 8th July 2011

in Xperia arc

Xperia arcThe Sony Ericsson Xperia arc (LT15a) is now finally on sale in the United States, months after the release in Europe and Asia. It is currently being sold via the Sony Store website for $599.99 and is in stock and ready for dispatch. The website is selling the version unlocked so you’re free to use it with any carrier of your choice.

This does make us wonder that Sony Ericsson must still be having a tough time getting a US carrier to carry one of their handsets. For the company’s 2011 Xperia range only one handset is being sold on contract (Xperia PLAY through Verizon) and given the size of the US market, we would have thought another carrier would have snapped up the Xperia arc by now. Especially considering it is the current flagship, at least until the Xperia duo is announced. Maybe it will be a similar situation to the Xperia X10, where AT&T picked up the handset nearly 6 months after release in other territories. Time is ticking though and new handsets are being announced all the time, SE needs to act fast.

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