Sony Ericsson LT26i and LT28i appear in AnTuTu benchmark

by XB on 25th November 2011

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Sony Ericsson LT26iSony Ericsson’s upcoming 2012 Xperia models the LT26i (codenamed Nozomi) and the LT28i (codenamed Aoba) have both just appeared on the AnTuTu Android benchmark. This is not the first time these phones have appeared in a benchmark, they previously both popped up on Nenamark. However, there are some differences since then. The phones recently tested are now running Android 2.3.7, previously it was 2.3.5. Therefore you would imagine that these are more recent prototypes.

Despite this, the numbers leave us somewhat perplexed. The LT26i scores 6365 in the benchmark with the CPU speed listed as 1.5GHz, whilst the LT28i scores 2443 and CPU speed listed as 1GHz. We have already heard that the Nozomi will be coming with a dual-core 1.5GHz chip, so this information appears to correlate with that. However, that last we heard of the Aoba, it was also meant to sport a 1.5GHz dual-core chip. Yet in this benchmark test, the CPU speed is listed as 1GHz.

This means despite the LT28i model number suggesting it should be more powerful than the LT26i, the actual AnTuTu scores in this test show that the LT28i is significantly weaker. Now there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this i.e. the LT28i used in the benchmark may have been a different test prototype with hardware that is not currently finalised. Whatever the reason, we hope to have a more concrete idea on how they differ in the not too distant future.

Sony Ericsson LT26i AnTuTu Benchmark

Sony Ericsson LT26i AnTuTu

Sony Ericsson LT28i AnTuTu Benchmark

Sony Ericsson LT28i AnTuTu

Via AnTuTu (LT26i & LT28i).

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