OnLive brings full support to Xperia PLAY [Video]

by XB on 23rd December 2011

in Games, Videos, Xperia PLAY

Xperia PLAY OnLiveGreat news for Sony Ericson Xperia PLAY owners, OnLive, the game streaming service, has brought full support to the handset. When we say full support, we mean the works including support for the touchpads. The L and R buttons on the Xperia PLAY are set as the trigger buttons, whilst the volume rocker is used for the top controller buttons (L2/R2).

For the uninitiated, OnLive allows you to play AAA game titles on your TV, PC or mobile device, with the content streamed directly from OnLive’s servers. Obviously a strong wireless connection is a must. The service has only been launched in two territories, US and the UK, and gamers can get access to over 200 titles including Saints Row: The Third and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

This news no doubt means the Xperia PLAY becomes probably one of the best mobile devices to be used with the OnLive service. You’ll need to update the Android OnLive app to version 1.2 to get Xperia PLAY support.



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