RealVNC remote access to be included in 2012 Xperia smartphones

by XB on 27th February 2012

in Applications

Sony Mobile has struck a deal with RealVNC that will bring the latter’s remote access technology to all new 2012 Xperia smartphones. The idea behind the collaboration is to make it easier (and safer) to access Xperia content (music, navigation etc.) from a car’s dashboard display as well as helping to solve support issues.

RealVNC’s ‘VNC Automotive’ technology is already seen as the standard for integrating mobile with vehicle according to the company. VNC Automotive can automatically detect, access and control virtually any mobile device or desktop computer from a vehicle’s touch-screen or fixed input devices such as steering wheel switches and head unit buttons and menus.

The tech can also be used in customer support services by helpdesk agents to provide better support to Xperia users. This means that a Sony Mobile support agent could remotely access your phone from anywhere in the world and control it to help solve a support problem. Seems like a good idea to us, especially if it means you can solve an issue without leaving the house. Click here for more details.

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