Sony Mobile applies for patent to control your mobile via “head movement”

by XB on 16th March 2012

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Sony Mobile is known for thinking differently, the Xperia sola being a prime example with its floating touch technology. It doesn’t surprise us therefore to hear about an unusual patent that Sony Ericsson applied for back in September 2010. The patent relates to a user being able to control core functionality of a mobile via a special headset with motion sensor.

The idea is that the motion sensor would detect and decipher certain head movements which would then be used to accept or terminate or call for example. Other examples given in the patent application include the ability to lock/unlock your mobile or even use head movement to “navigate desktop icons and menus to perform tasks such as starting programs and selecting music for play back.” Seems a bit of a wacky idea to us, but it could be useful in certain scenarios such as driving. The patent is yet to be granted, but it shows what may be coming from Sony Mobile in the future.

Via Engadget.

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