Sony Mobile prepping gaming announcement for 2 May [Update]

by XB on 24th April 2012

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Sony Mobile is currently sending out invitations for an event that will be taking place on 2 May 2012. We haven’t received the invite ourselves, which makes us think this could be directed to the US media. The invitation teases “find out what’s new and next with Xperia gaming.” Joining Sony at the event will be Gameloft and the Major League Gaming organisation.

Given the partners it has lined up for the event and the teaser strapline, new hardware is a distinct possibility. However, given the lack of leaks of an ‘Xperia PLAY 2’ we’re not entirely sure this will be the case. What we may see, however, is a spec refresh of the Xperia PLAY, especially as the invite is believed to have an image of the device. Alternatively, Sony may just be looking to refresh people’s focus on the Xperia PLAY or there could be a new gaming service being launched. We’ll bring you more news on this next week.

Update: Sony Mobile has got in touch to clear up that this is NOT a hardware announcement. Here’s the statement in full: “Sony Mobile Communications has no intentions of making a product announcement at this time. The event is intended to preview a new initiative launching in partnership with Major League Gaming and Gameloft.” So there you go, those longing for an Xperia PLAY 2 will have to hold on for a bit longer.

Via TG Daily.

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