Sony Smart Wireless Headset pro unboxed [Video]

by XB on 19th June 2012

in Accessories, Videos

The Sony Smart Wireless Headset pro is a unique Bluetooth wireless headset. It has some of the usual features you would expect from a headset including a two-row display that allows you to read text messages, view incoming calls and access calendar alerts. However, it can also act as a standalone media player as the headset supports microSD and will ship with a 2GB card.

UK retailer Clove recently unboxed the Smart Wireless Headset pro. It is well worth a watch if you are considering purchasing the headset, especially as it retails for a not particularly cheap £80 in the UK. They also give a quick demonstration of how the headset works, albeit with a Samsung Galaxy S III rather than a Sony Xperia phone. Check out the video below.


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