Camera shootout: Xperia T versus Nokia 808 Pureview

by XB on 26th September 2012

in Imaging, Xperia T

One of the headline features of the Sony Xperia T (LT30p) is its 13MP camera. In terms of pure megapixels, there’s not too many other camera smartphones which can match the Xperia T. However, Nokia’s 808 Pureview Symbian wonder has a 41MP sensor that uses oversampling to create some of the best pictures yet to come from a camera phone.

The bods at Pureview Club pitted both smartphones against each other with some interesting results. There’s no denying that the 808 Pureview comes out on top overall, but it’s not as night and day as you might have thought unless you start looking at the 100% crop comparisons. Both phones were shooting in 4:3 ratio and on automatic settings putting the Xperia T at 13MP resolution and the 808 Pureview in 8MP creative mode. See some of the comparison shots taken below (click for the full size images).

Nokia 808 Pureview (left) versus Xperia T (right)

Via Pureview Club.

Thanks Dacha!

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