PlayStation Mobile: Downloads restricted to three PlayStation Certified devices

by XB on 3rd October 2012

in Games

PlayStation Mobile PSM) launched this morning heralding the start of its new mobile gaming strategy. Originally we always thought that once content was purchased on PSM, you could download that content on any other PS Certified device with your Sony Entertainment Network (PlayStation Network) ID.

However, it seems that once content is bought you can only download it on up to three different devices. Here’s the blurb from the license information for each app:

“One time fee for use of downloads on up to 3 activated PlayStation Mobile compatible devices”

It is not entirely clear, but we imagine this means that you can only download the content on three concurrent PlayStation Certified devices. There is a way to Deactivate your device in the Settings menu, so as long as you make sure you deactivate an old handset/tablet before moving onto a new one you’ll be fine. Obviously this isn’t going to be an issue to the majority out there but we wanted to flag the issue nonetheless.

We do hope there is a way to centrally manage your devices online as we couldn’t find any information on the PlayStation Network website. This would be especially useful if you sell your phone and forget to deactivate it before doing so. Something akin to the way Amazon handles managing your Kindle devices would be perfect.

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