Sony Mobile takes third position in French smartphone market

by XB on 19th December 2012

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Sony Mobile has the third highest smartphone market share in the French market, only behind Apple and Samsung. Sony Mobile managed to sell over a million units in the country in 2012 from a market size of 13.3 million handsets overall. David Mignot, CEO of Sony Mobile France, said that the company recorded 8.7% volume market share in October and 7.1% share in terms of value.

Sony plans to leverage on this growth next year and expects to cement its number three position with between 15 and 20 percent market share. To help achieve this, Sony Mobile France plans to double its marketing budget in 2013.

Mignot says that Sony Mobile has a “strong ambition to become a major player in smartphones” and feels that it is the “only brand that can compete with Apple and Samsung”. “Sony is the only brand that can compete with Apple and Samsung in the premium segment,” says Mignot. He goes on to say that Sony Mobile will launch high-end smartphones in 2013 benefiting from the “best” of Sony in relation to screens, music, photography and games. See David Mignot speaking about this below (in French).

Via L’Express.

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