Xperia Z: Burst Mode picture quality better than Normal Mode

by XB on 19th March 2013

in Imaging, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Garden_Burst_100The Sony Xperia Z has a very capable 13MP Exmor RS camera sensor, however one criticism that many Xperia phones have always had on its imaging is excessive post processing and noise. Interestingly, it appears that the image quality from the phone when taking pictures in Burst mode is sharper and less noisy compared to those in Normal mode.

Evidence of this can be seen below, where we’ve attached some comparison crops showing photos taken in normal mode versus those in burst mode. Click on the image to enlarge and you can clearly see that pictures in Burst mode give greater detail. Have a browse and let us know which images you prefer.

Xperia Z: Normal Mode images versus Burst Mode images

[Click to enlarge]

Xperia Z-Burst v Normal Mode

Images via xda-developers.

Thanks Higgins and all others that sent this in!

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