CoPilot Live Premium updated to support Xperia Z

by XB on 28th March 2013

in Applications, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony-Xperia-Z-with-CoPilotLive-UKBelieve it or not, but Google Maps does not represent the final word when it comes to navigation apps on Android. Yes, Google Maps is free and does most things very well, but the inability to download maps for whole countries offline allows competitors such as CoPilot and TomTom to fill the gap.

The good news is that we have just received word that the CoPilot Live Android app has just been updated to support the Sony Xperia Z and other handsets with 1080p displays such as the HTC One and upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4.

CoPilot is a navigation app that has been around for many years, we remember using the Symbian version many years back and was always impressed with its routing and simple UI. The Android app comes in two flavours: 1) CoPilot Live Premium that offers voice-guided GPS navigation and live traffic updates and 2) CoPilot GPS which has free offline mapping but requires an in-app purchase for voice navigation.

There is also a 10% off sale on the CoPilot Europe maps at the moment which ends on 8 April. This brings the CoPilot Live Premium Europe app down from £34.99 (€39.99) to £29.99 (€34.99). If you don’t need the wide European coverage, there is also CoPilot Live Premium Western Europe (includes UK + Western Europe) which can be had for £25.99 (€32.99). The European maps upgrade in the CoPilot GPS app can be had for £19.49 (€24.99). You can find more details here.


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