How to boot your Sony Xperia into Safe Mode

by XB on 22nd September 2016

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sony-xperia-safe-mode-boot_2If you find that your Sony Xperia device is playing up a bit, then one way to help diagnose what might be wrong is to boot your phone into a ‘safe mode’. Booting into safe mode disables third-party apps, which means that if you are suffering from excessive battery drain or performance issues then you can use this mode to help determine whether it is one of your installed apps that is the problem.

Safe mode won’t isolate the problem to a specific app, but if you don’t experience any issues in safe mode then there is a strong likelihood that one of your apps is the culprit. This function has existed for years, but many people are not aware of its existence in Android. We often receive emails asking for support with Xperia devices and this is one of the methods that we refer people to. Please see the below instructions on how to boot into safe mode.

How to boot your Sony Xperia into Safe Mode

1. Hold down your power button to bring up the power menu. Then, long press the “Power off” option.


2. This will bring up a prompt called “Reboot to safe mode”. Click OK to proceed.


3. Once the phone has restarted, you should notice the words “Safe Mode” on the bottom left of your display. You may need to run your device in this mode for a day or so to really determine if your problems are caused by a third-party app or not.


4. To return to normal, simply power off your device and restart.

NOTE: Please be aware that booting into safe mode may mean that you lose some customisation on widgets or folders. When we have used the option in the past, we have found all widgets removed on occasion, which can be a pain having to reinstall them just as you like them. Another possible annoyance is that some third-party apps may require you to re-sign into them.

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