Sony Xperia retention rates are among the worst according to survey

by XB on 15th March 2014

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Sony loyalty WDS surveyA survey compiled by Statista for the Wall Street Journal suggests that the Sony brand had one of the worst retention rates among smartphone manufacturers in 2013. It puts the Sony retention rate at just 24%, slightly ahead of Motorola (22%) and Blackberry (21%), but significantly behind brands such as Apple (76%) and Samsung (58%). The survey was conducted in the US, UK and Australia based on 3,000 interviews.

Something about the result doesn’t seem to sit right for us. Having run Xperia fansites since 2009, we know most you Sony users a loyal bunch. We know Sony hasn’t helped themselves in certain aspects such as software updates, and it’s unfortunate that even looking back at the big update problems with the Xperia X10, Sony is still seen to be slow with updates.

We hope that 2014 means faster updates and Sony is already one of the few companies updating many of the lower-end handsets to the latest Android versions. With the breakthrough Xperia Z devices launched last year, we would expect the result to be very different this year.

So Sony Xperia owners what is your view? Do you plan to upgrade to another Xperia handset and if not what has turned your eye? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Sony loyalty WDS survey

Via Wall Street Journal Blog.

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