Big Album (6.0.A.0.26) and WALKMAN (8.3.A.0.2) update hits Xperia handsets

by XB on 23rd April 2014

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Walkman_8.3.A.0.2_2Sony has pushed out a big update for its Album and WALKMAN applications, showcasing a new UI similar to that seen in the recent Movies app revamp. Both apps see a new sliding menu, which contains most of the functionality you need by swiping right from wherever you are in the app.

The Album app moves from build number 5.4.A.0.20 to 6.0.A.0.26. The app now includes a slideshow recall playback, highlighting favourite memories at the top of the app whilst browsing pictures. The WALKMAN app moves from build 8.1.A.0.3 to 8.3.A.0.2 and introduces dynamic layouts and the ability to pinch-zoom so you can determine how much content you see in the main view.

Album and WALKMAN apps get big update

The Album app has been updated to version 6.0.A.0.26, whilst the WALKMAN app has been updated to version 8.3.A.0.2.

Album - Walkman Update

Album app version 6.0.A.0.26

The Album app is a 13.2MB download and includes a new UI, slideshow recall playback and bug fixes/performance enhancements. It can be downloaded here (Thanks Ben!).

Album_6.0.A.0.26_1 Album_6.0.A.0.26_1b

Swipe right to access a new navigation menu.


Clicking into “Camera” now shows all of your photos/videos separated by method of capture i.e. you can see only your Timeshift burst pictures or ones using Background defocus for example.

Album_6.0.A.0.26_5 Album_6.0.A.0.26_6

Sony has moved “Media server” from the drop-down menu and into the Settings menu. There is also a new item called “Rediscover memories”. We’re not sure if this is the same feature as “PlayMemories promotion” that previously occupied this space.

Album_6.0.A.0.26_3 Album_6.0.A.0.26_4

WALKMAN app version 8.3.A.0.2

The WALKMAN app is an 11.5MB download and includes a new UI, dynamic layouts including pinch-to-zoom and bug fixes/performance enhancements. It can be downloaded here (Thanks Ben!).


You can now choose how much content you want to see on your main screen using pinch-to-zoom.

Walkman_8.3.A.0.2_2 Walkman_8.3.A.0.2_3

Sony has added a ClearAudio+ option in the drop-down menu. The previous “Visible items” menu item has been removed. The Settings options remain the same as before.

Walkman_8.3.A.0.2_4 Walkman_8.3.A.0.2_5

Thanks to all that sent this in!

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