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by XB on 25th May 2014

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Cnet_Xperia Z2There is no doubt in our eyes that the Xperia Z2 is one of the best phones that Sony has ever made. The size of the handset won’t suit everyone, but the blend of an elegant design, strong battery life, good camera and a brilliant display should place the handset on most people’s wish lists if they are considering a new Android phone.

This is a view also taken by the most of the tech press, with the handset widely praised – in particular for its display and battery life. The main criticism it faces is what some see as a small upgrade over the Xperia Z1 and a blocky design that will make it difficult to sit in smaller hands. Overall though, most of the reviews conclude that this is one of the best Android phones one can buy today.

Xperia Z2 review roundup

Android Authority: “If you really loved the Xperia Z1 but couldn’t pick one up, and are now in line for an upgrade, the Xperia Z2 is probably the way to go. New users can come straight to the Z2 to remain with the latest or greatest, but you can definitely look to the Xperia Z1 for a cheaper, but slightly less polished experience. In the end, Sony continues to move forward and get it right with their Xperia flagships, and it looks like they’re perfectly happy doing so little by little.”

Android Central: “As with other handsets featuring Sony’s “Omnibalance” design language, the main reasons to pass on the Xperia Z2 might be its size and shape. The blocky, angular design will present problems for those in possession of smaller hands, and even those used to palming a larger smartphone might struggle to contend with the Z2’s 5.2 inches of screen and bezel. Despite these reservations, the Xperia Z2 is the one of the very best Android phones available right now, excelling across the board, but scoring major points in the two areas of smartphone tech still open to improvement — camera and battery.”

Clove: “There are now dual front facing stereo speakers which make a massive difference and put audio quality close to the HTC One. The Z2 produces 82 decibels at full volume, whilst the HTC One offers 79.2 decibels. Whilst the Z2 was the slightly louder of the two in our tests, it was evident that HTC has marginally better audio quality with more realistic tones and a richer dynamic range. Even with the Z2 turned away from me, the sound didn’t feel as directional as it can on many phones, managing to fill the surrounding space very well.”

Cnet: “Sure, it costs a bundle, but the Sony Xperia Z2 is everything you should expect from a top-end phone. Its impressive performance rivals the Samsung Galaxy S5 for smartphone top dog, but the Z2’s slick glass and metal design trumps the S5’s plastic body. If you’re looking for both style and substance from a phone, you’ve come to the right place.”

Cnet_Xperia Z2

Engadget: “I can see what Sony was trying to create with the Z2, and it has arguably succeeded in the areas that matter most. There’ll be people out there who appreciate its gorgeous display, solid battery life and granite-like charm, and these attributes are inextricably linked to the phone’s size. If you think that might be you, go ahead. This is a safe purchase, the best Sony phone that has ever been, and definitely among the top three Android phones currently on the market.”

GSM Arena: “The Sony Xperia Z2 is an easy phone to love and want. And not necessarily by die-hard Sony fans either. Great looks matched by performance, the premium Xperia line has been earning the company both profit – and a loyal following. Sony had no time – or care – for gimmicks, like HTC’s dual camera and Zoe, or Samsung’s new sensors. That’s the impression the Xperia Z2 makes. It’s sexy and it knows it. Iconic design and standard-setting build quality in a package powered by the latest chipset.”

GSM Arena_Xperia Z2

Forbes: “In a similar price range to the Galaxy S5, branding will have a big impact on sales, and Samsung clearly has the edge there. In terms of functionality I did not find the Xperia Z2 to be lacking in any respect and I don’t think anyone would be disappointed if this was the leading Android handset they had to use over the next year or so. You’re not buying the Z2 for style, you are buying it for functionality. And it is brimming with functionality and promise.”

Gizmodo UK: “If you’ve seen last year’s Xperia Z1, you’ve seen the Z2. It’s practically identical from a distance of more than 12 inches, with only a few minor external alterations to usher in the 2014 flagship launch season. The small physical changes are welcome, though. The waterproof stopper that covers the USB socket is now much larger than it was on the Z1, so it’s easier to get on and off. Less fiddly. Empowering. And the physical camera shutter button’s a bit bigger too, with this and the volume up/down toggle now finished in a silver metallic material so they look a bit nicer. Overall it’s quite stylish. There’s no one killer design feature to make you love it and people think you’re a better person because of it, but it is thin, water resistant, fairly light and the metallic chassis feels cool and solid in the hand.”

Gizmodo_Xperia Z2

Mobile Syrup: “It’s easily Sony’s best smartphone to date, and the combination of an excellent screen, decent speakers, unobtrusive software, good app design and premium content makes it a compelling option, despite its carrier exclusivity. The sad part is that it will likely go relatively unnoticed next to the Galaxy S5.”

Mobile Geeks: “If there is one really significant difference between the Xperia Z1 and the Z2, it would have to be the display of the device. While the Z and Z1 where lauded for their attractive Full HD Triluminous screens, we always kind of felt that the anti-shatter finish gave the displays a slightly plastic feel. The display is a touch larger, sporting a 5.2 inch IPS LED display, compared to 5 inches on its predecessors. This is the first time we have seen an IPS display on an Xperia device, and we have to say the results are stunning; the viewing angles are better, the colors look vibrant and certainly brighter.”

Phone Arena: “This is yet another 20.7 MP G Lens camera by Sony. We hoped to see some visible enhancements made to the image quality, but we can’t really say that there’s such a great difference from the performance achieved by the Z1. This isn’t really a bad thing, as it’s already among the best smartphone cameras with its own unique virtues, but naturally, that’s not to say that there isn’t room for improvement. At the end of the day, the Xperia Z2 is just what we expected it to be – an amazing all-round performer that can deliver great experiences in each and every category – from screen, to camera, and beyond. The Xperia Z2 isn’t really perfect in any of the components that we’ve gone through, but it’s pretty damn good. It’s one of the very best Android smartphones at the moment, and there are real reasons why you should prefer it next to most of its competitors.”

Pocket-Lint: “The Sony Xperia Z2 has the same design downfall that the Z1 did: this is a big device and it’s less comfortable to hold than its rivals. That’s something we feel detracts from the day-to-day experience because a smaller body design could have housed the same 5.2-inch screen in a more user friendly way. Overall the Sony Xperia Z2 is a definite step forward for the series. It might be an incremental upgrade rather than a device overhaul, but it delivers in the areas that matter, making for a package that’s highly desirable and ultra powerful.”

Pocket-Lint_Xperia Z2

Pocketnow: “It may only be a small step forward in design over the Z1, its software is definitely in need of some trimming, and if you’re in the US you might want to wait until summer to see if a national carrier can help bring down that price tag with a contract subsidy. But for a phone with these specs to be crammed into a water-resistant casing this attractive, with a camera and personal-media suite this capable … well, as the saying goes: you get what you pay for. And if you ask us, the Xperia Z2 is worth every penny.”

Recombu: “Sony’s Xperia Z2 smartphone isn’t a massive leap over the Xperia Z1, unsurprising given the short length of time between them, but it does iron out the creases. The 5.2-inch screen is only a mite larger, but it’s also beautifully vibrant, while the extra camera features are well worth having. Put it simply, the Sony Xperia Z2 is a bloody gorgeous blend of tech and sexy design that combines to form our favourite smartphone of 2014 so far.” “Of the 2014 flagships we’ve seen so far, the Xperia Z2 is the connoisseur’s choice. This is a true converged gadget that’s capable of taking brilliant photos and playing videos at cinephile quality, but also one where practicality has taken a backseat. It’s ideal for the person for whom quality is the only measure that counts.”

Stuff_Xperia Z2

TechCrunch: “Photos and videos captured by the Z2 look fantastic, especially on the screen of the Z2 itself, which is designed to improve the look of visual media. It’s a strong consider for the single best Android camera currently available in a smartphone, and Sony’s strong credentials as an imaging company in its own right really shine here. Sony tries to explain this with a lot of buzzwords in its marketing material, but the results speak for themselves, and that’s all the average user cares about.”

TechCrunch_Xperia Z2

TechRadar: “The Xperia Z2 is an excellent smartphone with all the components you’d expect from a flagship device, providing a pleasing user experience. The main issue I have with the Sony Xperia Z2 is there’s nothing to really get excited about. It’s a great all rounder, but there’s no curve ball to keep things interesting. When I’ve forked out top dollar for the next generation of smartphone I want to be able to stride into the pub and blow my mates away with some amazing features. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has its amazing screen, heart monitor and fingerprint scanner while the HTC One M8 has a superb design and the Duo Camera setup. Yet the Xperia Z2 has no headlining feature which makes it stand out.”

Trusted Reviews: “The Xperia Z2’s issue is that it doesn’t have any key area where it beats the competition. Its impressive-sounding camera isn’t really any better than the S5’s, and the Samsung phone produces better-looking photos in some conditions. And while its screen offers great contrast, the slightly overenthusiastic colours won’t please the more discerning among you. This is also the most problematic phone design-wise. It feels the most awkward out of the top three Androids of early 2014, and its overheating issues are worrying.”

The Verge: “Sony’s biggest upgrade is also the strongest reason not to buy its new phone. The Japanese company’s new IPS screen rectifies a longstanding weaknesses in display quality, but then replaces it with absolutely terrible outdoor performance. Design improvements have been only incremental, such as the reduced bezel, and software advances are few and far between. If you own an Xperia Z1 or even the earlier Xperia Z, you’ll be fine sticking with what you have rather than jumping to the latest model. The Xperia Z2 is far from a failure, but Sony’s self-appointed mission to stand out and be substantively different hasn’t been accomplished.”

Verge_Xperia Z2

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