Sony had just 7% of the SmartWatch market in 2013

by XB on 12th June 2014

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Pie ThumbSmartWatches or ‘wearables’ may be all the rage right now, with many companies offering their own products, however Sony was one of the first-movers when it came to smart watches. Sony first launched the LiveView in 2011, before releasing the SmartWatch in 2012 and currently the SmartWatch 2 (SW2).

Sony hasn’t managed to capitalise on that early start though as new data from independent research outfit Smartwatch Group reveals some interesting statistics on the market last year. According to the data, Sony shipped 250,000 SmartWatch units in 2013. Sony had $50m market volume out of a total market worth $711m, relating to a 7% market share.

The SmartWatch market is growing incredibly quickly with 3 million smartwatches sold in 2013, up tenfold from the year before. Forecasts point to the market being worth $12bn by 2015, up from $711m currently. Therefore, it’s perhaps no surprise to see the number of companies with smartwatch offerings will go up from 40 in 2013 to 200 by the end of 2014.

DreamChrono produced a fantastic infographic to showcase some of these statistics. Other info includes the average cost of a smartwatch at $214 as well as detailing the most expensive and cheapest smartwatches. See all the detail below.


Via GSM Arena.

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