Get into the World Cup spirit by downloading your country’s Xperia Theme

by XB on 17th June 2014

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Brazil_1_resultIf you really want to get into the World Cup spirit then the following Xperia Themes might be just what you’re looking for. They are country-specific themes, so it’s a great way to show support for your World Cup team. Developer ‘Studio No.7’ has released fourteen Xperia Themes (so far) and plans on releasing more over time.

Only three of these themes are free (Brazil, England and Spain), all of the rest you have to pay for (cost: €1.99). The developer says that a number of Sony Xperia devices running Android KitKat (version 4.4.2) or newer are supported including the Xperia Z, Z Ultra, ZL, Z1 and Z2. Click through the links below to download.

Free Xperia Themes

Brazil Theme for Xperia

Brazil_1_result Brazil_2_result

England Theme for Xperia

England_1_result England_2_result

Spain Theme for Xperia

Spain_1_result Spain_2_result

Premium Xperia Themes

All the Xperia Themes below are premium themes.
Cost: £1.62, €1.99, $2.72

Argentina – Theme for Xperia

Argentina_1_result Argentina_2_result

China – Theme for Xperia

China_1_result China_2_result

Croatia – Theme for Xperia

Croatia_1_result Croatia_2_result

France – Theme for Xperia

France_1_result France_2_result

Germany – Theme for Xperia

Germany_1_result Germany_2_result

Holland – Theme for Xperia

Holland_1_result Holland_2_result

Italy – Theme for Xperia

Italy_1_result Italy_2_result

Japan – Theme for Xperia

Japan_1_result Japan_2_result

Poland – Theme for Xperia

Poland_1_result Poland_2_result

Portugal – Theme for Xperia

Portugal_1_result Portugal_2_result

Russia – Theme for Xperia

Russia_1_result Russia_2_result

Thanks Anurag, Damon and Josh!

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