See the Xperia Selfie phone in action [Video]

by XB on 7th July 2014

in Rumours, Xperia C3

Xperia C3 video demoSony is set to launch a new handset tomorrow, which will be marketed for its selfie features. The handset, which is rumoured to be called the Xperia C3, will include a high megapixel front-facing camera along with a front-facing LED flash.

Judging by the pictures we saw earlier it will be a big handset – at least 5-inches by the looks of it and will sport a 2500mAh battery. The video attached below shows the front-facing LED flash in action. It also shows an interesting feature that takes a picture by double-tapping on the back of the handset. This appears to be a timer function, taking the picture a couple of seconds after the handset is tapped twice.

Other parts of the video show the software which looks to be similar to the Portrait Retouch camera app – allowing users to touch-up their complexion with preset tones. In the video demo, the user also changes the pattern of his eyes. So it seems like there will be plenty of image editing tools available.

The new handset will also have a Self-portrait voice guide, as seen in the original Xperia C. This allows you to take self-portrait photos using the rear camera with the help of a voice guide. We’ll bring you more on the official specs of the handset when it officially launches tomorrow.

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