Album update (6.6.A.0.6) brings small UI changes to ‘Folders’ menu

by XB on 11th December 2014

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Sony Album_6.6.A.0.6_1Sony has released a new update to its Album application that moves the build number from version 6.5.A.0.10 to 6.6.A.0.6. Sony says that this new update mainly consists of “bug fixes and performance enhancements“. However, one other very small change is that an icon is now included in the “Folders” menu which shows whether those photos are stored on the phone’s internal storage or SD card. Check out the pictures below to highlight the change between the old and new versions.

DOWNLOAD: Album (6.6.A.0.6)

Sony Album_6.6.A.0.6_1

Album (6.5.A.0.10) – Folder menu in older app version only lists name and number of items

Sony Album_6.6.A.0.6_2

Album (6.6.A.0.6) – Folder menu in newer version also includes an icon that shows where photos are stored (phone or SD card)

Sony Album_6.6.A.0.6_3

Thanks Rene and all others that sent this in!

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