Sony’s Smart B-Trainer prototype acts as your in-the-ear coach

by XB on 6th January 2015

in Accessories

17SmartB-TrainerlifestyleOne of Sony’s new wearable concepts announced at CES 2015 is called the Smart B-Trainer. Think of it as a wireless round-the-neck band that has earbuds for each ear. Designed for runners, the waterproof all-in-one headset has a number of sensors baked into it that will provide voice coaching and will also intelligently suggest the most suitable tunes whilst out on a run.

Sony hasn’t made it clear what sensors are included within the Smart B-Trainer, however we would expect to see a heart rate monitor, accelerometer and maybe even GPS. The Smart B-Trainer has internal storage and built-in controls, which means it can be used without a phone if needed. If Sony decides to release the Smart B-Trainer to the market, we’ll keep you posted.

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