Sony flogs memory card with “Premium Sound” for $155

by XB on 22nd February 2015

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Sony SR-64HXA SD Card_1Sony certainly has balls. It is attempting to sell a new breed of microSD memory card that has been designed to offer better sound quality. Considering that conceived wisdom suggests that the transfer of digital signals is just a stream of ones and zeros, it’s hard to fathom how this memory card would make a difference.

According to Sony, the SR-64HXA 64GB micro SD card produces less electrical noise when reading data. Sony itself recognises there probably won’t be a great demand for such a card, especially given the price point of 18,500 yen (£101, €136, $155) excluding tax. The card is due to launch in Japan on 5 March 2015.

Sony SR-64HXA SD Card_1

Sony SR-64HXA SD Card_2

Sony SR-64HXA SD Card_3

Sony SR-64HXA SD Card_4

Sony SR-64HXA SD Card_6

Via Sony Japan and (via The Verge).

Thanks gmfady!

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