Walkmate and PartyShare apps get the Material Design treatment

by XB on 20th February 2015

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Walkmate_2Sony Mobile has updated the UI of two of its applications. Somewhat surprisingly the Walkmate application has been updated with a fresh Material Design makeover. Given the focus on the Lifelog application, we are surprised that Sony was still looking to push Walkmate, but given this latest update it shows it is still in the company’s plans. New features include Shadow training and support for the SmartBand Talk.

The PartyShare app was also updated with a new UI recently. An additional feature is music shuffle support. Check out some screenshots of the newly re-designed apps below. Surely Android Lollipop can’t be too far away now.

Walkmate (version 10.00.01)


Walkmate_2 Walkmate_3

PartyShare (version 01.01.00)

PartyShare_1_result PartyShare_2_result

PartyShare_3_result PartyShare_4_result

PartyShare icons compared

Slice 1

Thanks Artem, Cezary, difwwh and Samuel!

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