Is Sony working on an all-metal Xperia flagship? Multiple official concept images leak

by XB on 18th April 2015

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Xperia Y_1Sony cannot be happy with Wikileaks right now, given that the latter decided to create a searchable archive of all of the emails and documents related to the hack that its Sony Pictures division suffered last December. Once of these leaked documents contain a number of official Sony concept designs of possible future Xperia handsets.

It gives a rare insight into what Sony’s designers are thinking of, both in terms of handset design and UI. Whilst all of the images are concepts, there is a good chance that some of the images may prove to provide a base for real upcoming models. One such stunning concept is the ‘Y’, which looks far more developed in terms of design compared to the other concepts. One annotation referring to this handset talks about a “new design & form”.

Leakster @Vizileaks recently spoke of the ‘real’ Xperia Z4 being a different handset to the one that we’ve seen so much of recently. Now he also suggests that the handset will be all-metal, feature a finger-print sensor and new power button. This could be the Sony ‘Y’ concept we are seeing below. If you are asking where the fingerprint sensor is, Sony may be using its “sensor-equipped” display – the patent for this tech was secured back in 2012.

Either way, assuming any of this is true, we are very excited to see a possible new flagship design for the Sony Xperia flagship series.

Sony Xperia Concept 1: Y

Sony talks about a “new device & form” when referring to the ‘Y’ concept handset. It includes the new power button design that @ViziLeaks refers to and has smaller bezels than seen in the Xperia Z3. From the few images leaked it is difficult to say whether this is an all-metal design (there is no rear pic), but the way the edges are accentuated with metal, it certainly is a possibility. The micro USB is located at the bottom, much like the upcoming Xperia flagship that has been leaked recently.

Xperia Y_1

Xperia Y_2

Xperia Y_3

Sony Xperia Concept 2: Tube

The ‘Tube’ concept comes with a flatter top and bottom, but with rounded edges on the side of the handset. This concept also appears to use a similarly redesigned power button, with the power symbol image sitting on a rectangular shaped button. The micro USB port also once again sits on the bottom, with headphone jack at the top.

Xperia Tube_1

Xperia Tube_2

Xperia Tube_3

Sony Xperia Concept 3: Mono

The ‘Mono’ images truly looks like an early concept design. It appears that Sony’s inspiration here is to create a single solid block and the choice of materials used could be a key differentiator. Sony mentions new UI when pointing to the way the clock is displayed.

Xperia mono_1

Xperia mono_2

Xperia mono_3

Sony Xperia Concept 4: Plate

The ‘Plate’ concept appears to use a fabric-like material combined with a plastic/metal frame. Other manufacturers have dabbled with using a faux-leather material in its handsets such as Samsung with the Galaxy Note 3 and perhaps even the upcoming LG G4, judging by recent leaks. The clock UI is also highlighted, giving a hint what Sony may be planning. This uses a large number to tell the hour and judging by how ‘full’ that number has been shaded you can get an idea of the number of minutes past that hour.

Xperia plate_1

Xperia plate_2

Xperia plate_3

Xperia plate_4

Sony Xperia Concept 5: Glass

This ‘Glass’ concept is perhaps not the best idea when it comes to durability. The concept uses 2.5D strength glass on the sides of the phone, as well as front/back and comes with a resin bezel.

Xperia glass_1

Xperia glass_2

Xperia glass_3

New SmartBand? Possibly the SmartBand SWR12 with heart rate sensor

SmartBand 2_1

SmartBand 2_2

Via WikiLeaks.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

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