SmartBand Talk SWR30 update adds out-of-range alert, new watchface and more

by XB on 30th April 2015

in Accessories, Firmware

SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_1Sony Mobile has updated the SmartBand Talk SWR30 (app version; firmware version to bring in a few more features which includes an out-of-range alert that notifies the user if their phone has been left behind. The alarm has also been improved with support for a vibration-only mode.

In the last update, Sony allowed users to choose from a range of customizable watchfaces for the first time. Sony has added another watchface to the mix (see the screen below). For the weather watchfaces, Sony has improved the location search. It’s nice to see some useful updates here.

SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_1

SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_2 SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_3

SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_4 SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_5

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