Desmobox offers a catalogue of elegant Xperia Themes

by XB on 6th July 2015

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Theme Inverse Purple Space_1_resultThe use of Sony Xperia Themes seems to divide users, some love the customisation it offers, others find many of the themes a bit crass and strive for more minimal and elegant themes. Step forward theme developer Andrew Borodiy who is slowly building a catalogue of beautiful Xperia Themes through a website called Desmobox.

You can check out a selection of Borodiy’s themes below (all the ones listed below are free and work without root on Android KitKat and Lollipop). However, Desmobox has its own “Themes catalogue” application on the Play Store which keeps you updated on new themes as well as a selection of wallpapers. If you’re interested in the themes below, then you can check out more through the Desmobox website or app.

Desmobox Xperia Theme – SXp Desmobox

SXp Desmobox theme_1_result SXp Desmobox theme_2_result

SXp Desmobox theme_3_result

Desmobox Xperia Theme – BigLollipop

Theme BigLollipop_1_result Theme BigLollipop_2_result

Theme BigLollipop_3_result

Desmobox Xperia Theme – Inverse Purple Space

Theme Inverse Purple Space_1_result Theme Inverse Purple Space_2_result

Theme Inverse Purple Space_3_result Theme Inverse Purple Space_4_result

Desmobox Xperia Theme – Summer

Theme Summer_1_result Theme Summer_2_result

Theme Summer_3_result Theme Summer_4_result

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