Will you miss the Sony Xperia signature power button?

by XB on 1st September 2015

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Sony Xperia signature power buttonMost Sony Xperia devices that have appeared since 2013 have used the company’s signature power button – a chrome button that distinctly showed it was an Xperia device. Having first appeared in the older Xperia Z series, the power button has been used by Sony across all of its handsets including the lower and mid-tiers. Back in January 2013, we thought that the button will only appear across one year. However, it has lived on much longer than we first believed.

However, it looks like that time might soon be coming to an end. The leaks of the newest Xperia Z5 series, to be announced at IFA tomorrow, shows that the button has now been removed in place of a fingerprint sensor. Question marks remain how attractive this will be and whether this actually breaks up some the clean design curves, but it is likely that this may be the last time we see the button on Xperia flagships.

Obviously not all Sony Xperia models will sport a fingerprint sensor, so we may still see the button appear in lower-end models going forward. However, the question we wanted to ask today is will you miss it? Mourn its loss in the comments below.

Xperia Power Button

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