Sony confirms why it removed SensMe from the Music app

by XB on 21st March 2016

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MusicWe recently reported that SensMe was removed from the beta versions of Sony’s Music application. Whilst the feature still exists in the stable release of the app, it may not stay for too much longer. Sony has confirmed that with the upgrade to Android Marshmallow, SensMe doesn’t work as it should and has therefore been removed.

For those wondering, SensMe is Sony’s proprietary music mood and tempo detection system that has appeared in various Sony products. It has been a feature of the Sony Music app for a while, but apparently not many people used the feature (3% of beta users according to Sony). Sony sees the new ‘genres’ functionality in the latest beta as the natural successor to SensMe, the first beta release with genres rolled earlier today. Will you miss SensMe? Sound out in the comments below.

Sony statement on SensMe

Due to technical reasons we had to remove the old “Edit Music Info”, since it wouldn’t work on Android M (as it used legacy API’s that no longer worked and had lost all support).

Since we are quite fond of SensMe™, and it is – as some of you have pointed out – a “Sony uniqueness” we wanted to recreate a similar logic. The first (new) version was released in 9.1.5.A.1.0beta, but we quickly saw that the new version didn’t really work as well as we liked. We could also see from our usage statistics that very few of you regularly use SensMe™, actually less than three percentage.

Despite us just having rewritten the feature and its underlying logic – we made the difficult decision to “kill our darling”. Instead, we are planning to implement a genre-selection (as requested by you in the community), which hopefully will, to some degree, fill the void left by SensMe™. You in the beta community will of course be the first ones to try it out.

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