Music Beta (9.1.6.A.2.1) adds Genres [Update]

by XB on 21st March 2016

in Applications

Music_9.1.6.A.2.1_2Sony Mobile has updated the beta version of the Music application to build number 9.1.6.A.2.1. The big new feature included in this latest update is genres, allowing you to view your songs via predefined genres. Sony describes this as a “very limited first draft” and will ensure that genres are editable in a forthcoming release. You can now also download music info in single track mode.

Some users are reporting that this latest release is unstable with the app suffering from force closes. Sony is likely to update the beta version shortly but in the meantime as a quick workaround, clear the app data and DON’T hide the QuickPlay button. This should keep the app working whilst Sony deliver a patch.

Update: As expected, Sony has quickly released a bug fix in the form of build number 9.1.7.A.1.0, which you can download below. The changelog is as follows:

– Fix crash when quick play was hidden on landing page
– Fix issue where removing a single album image caused all album arts to be removed

DOWNLOAD APK: Music Beta (9.1.7.A.1.0)

Music_9.1.6.A.2.1_2 Music_9.1.6.A.2.1_1

  • Sergio

    Okay, fine, nice news, but this app still pauses when phone is locked (or doing any other random thing) and RAM is low, which is unacceptable, taking into account we (Xperia M2 users) have even zRAM enabled to avoid this. Thanks Sony for making a useless Music player.

  • it works fine on my Z1c, no pause when I lock it. I normally plug-in my headphones, press the button and it instantly starts where it stopped. love that the genres are now here, I listen often to the same genres :)

  • pi4a7a

    I won’t agree with this! I got M2 Aqua(D2403) I’ve rooted my phone, deleted all the stock useless apps, and I got to say that I don’t have any problems.

  • Matt

    -_- if you do not use the music app, why comment at all? He is having problems with Sony music app which you don’t use

  • Fadi Obaya

    Well f- off then.

  • pi4a7a

    Are you retarted ? What does that mean: “I don’t have any problems” ? Tell me !

  • iia3ezu

    More Sony crapware. Sony Mobile is so cheap now, it wants the users to be the guinea pigs for a beta music player app.

  • Brian De Guzman

    Only if you opt to be part of the beta tester.

  • Ivan Knezevic

    After last update no more edit info of songs, and no auto detecting tag data for songs. For me, that is big flaw…hope that they will bring it back

  • Gutt Grinder

    Do you guys noticed that when it comes to folders, you can no longer hide them? If I may wrong please enlightened me.. I do have these bluetooth folders that gets detected by the music app. Anyone know how to hide them using the new version of this app?

  • Lau6304

    That feature never worked for me. The folders were hidden but the songs still appear in the library.

  • Khillo81

    Leave him alone. It’s hard living with an extra chromosome…

  • Sergio

    Not everybody has a rooted phone, nor has the knowledge to do that, but, this is the case. I’m linuxct, author of Z5 STYLE, and this issue has been happening since waaay back, either on Stock, or in my ROM, with or without bloatware. Android native task killer just decides to kill it for some reason. An even more is that I’m not alone, and I’ve like 13 more people having this very same issue, not yet reported on the forums, but it’s clearly happening.
    In my case, since that started to happen, I just decided to move to Spotify, and the issue just disappeared, no more random closes or pauses.

  • Alicejthomas1

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  • Unknown

    WFT ?

    Xperia Blog team, Please Band or Block this man

  • DIsChaos

    Flag him (report) press the little flag on corner

  • DIsChaos

    Nice attempt at Trolling , there is beta tester everywhere , and people love to try news stuff before they get released is not about being cheap , let me guess you like Samsung more right? Since Timel is and his sub account is gone there is alot of random hates going on

  • Ajmal

    Add a file with the name .nomedia inside the Bluetooth folder. The files wont shiw up anywhere

  • Kuba Sojka

    Na reszcie sony dodaje gatunki muzyczne, no super.

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