Sony launches Xperia Home Open Beta; new launcher version (10.0.A.0.40)

by XB on 29th April 2016

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Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_6Sony Mobile has launched a new beta programme for another one of its apps – this time it is for the humble home launcher. By joining the Xperia Home Open Beta you will be able to test the latest launchers from Sony. As part of the launch, Sony is distributing a new Xperia Home with build number 10.0.A.0.40. There is very little change over the last version (10.0.A.0.30) that we’ve noticed.

Sony is testing a new way of distributing updates with this beta. Now, updates will be delivered through the built-in Xperia Software Update software (Settings > About phone > Software update). When you click on this maintenance release, you will notice the circle pane continues to try and load – this is natural and is because there is no release notes attached to this particular update.

The beta is open to all, so if you want to get involved head over and join this Google+ community. You will then need to hit a link to become a tester – this link has to be clicked through your mobile. The beta is only open to those on stock Sony firmware – therefore those of you running Concept builds are out of luck.

DOWNLOAD: Xperia Home (10.0.A.0.40 beta)

Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_1 Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_4

Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_3 Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_2

Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_5 Xperia Home Launcher_10.0.A.0.40_6

Thanks mrninko and Vlado!

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