Sony Sirius gets extensive hands-on video; gives closer look at 4K and Timeshift video

by XB on 17th February 2014

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Sony D6503_Camera appsA new video of the Sony D6503 ‘Sirius’ has emerged from Rimas, the same guy who has leaked all of the information we have seen so far from this device. The new video follows on from last week’s video and give a much more extensive look at Sony’s next flagship. The video starts off with a quick hardware tour around the device.

After this, we are into the device and see the Android 4.4.2 KitKat Xperia boot animation and lock screen. We have already previewed most of what you will find in the Settings menu, but Rimas gives a good look at all of the options.

This includes Smart call handling, changing the default SMS app, managing notifications, using a new “Simple Home” launcher, glove mode, answering machine, smart backlight control and power management. We also get a quick demo of using double-tap to wake up the screen, a feature that currently only exists on the Xperia Tablet Z within Sony’s family.

Sony’s Lifelog application is also present, but as it is not live yet the app couldn’t be launched. He also explores the “What’s new” application, which looks like a rebranding of the Sony Select app.

On the camera side, we get a first look at the new 4K video and Timeshift video camera apps. When using these apps Sony prefers you to use internal storage or at the very least a high-speed SD card. This is probably down to how data-intensive it will be to capture these videos. We also see Timeshift video in action, which looks like it records at 120fps although resolution remains unclear at this stage.

Towards the end of the video, we get to see the display showing some photos and video (the speaker seems loud which is a good sign) and as well as a quick look at viewing angles. We did notice some issues with touchscreen sensitivity, which could be down to it being a prototype handset. Check out the full 12-minute video below.

Sony D6503 ‘Sirius’ hands-on video

Sony recommends to use internal storage only when using 4K video and Timeshift video

Sony D6503_4K video_1

A second pop-up warning will appear if you proceed to use SD card when using 4K video or Timeshift video. It’s quite clear, Sony really wants you to use internal storage only.

Sony D6503_4K video_2

Timeshift video allows you to play part of a short video in slow motion

Sony D6503_Timeshift video_1

Timeshift video captures slow motion in 120 fps, judging by the highlighted part below

Sony D6503_Timeshift video_2

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