QuadRooter is a new Android vulnerability affecting Qualcomm chipsets

by XB on 8th August 2016

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QuadRooter Xperia_ThumbCheck Point Software Technologies has revealed details of a new Android vulnerability that affects phones using the Qualcomm chipset. The vulnerability called ‘QuadRooter’ affects over 900 million devices, according to Check Point, which includes a number of Sony Xperia devices that we’ve tested.

QuadRooter involves four vulnerabilities, which an attacker can take advantage of to gain root access. However, this can only be done through the use of a malicious app, so always tread with caution when installing new apps. For example, only download apps from the Google Play Store.

We will have to wait for Qualcomm to supply the necessary drivers to patch this security risk. The drivers are pre-installed on handsets at the point of manufacture, which is why we’ll need to wait for a driver pack from Qualcomm to fix it. You can check out the QuadRooter app on Google Play Store to find out if your handset is affected.

QuadRooter Xperia

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