Xperia X Compact’s autofocus put to the test on racetrack

by XB on 21st September 2016

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xperia-x-compact-af_4Sony has used several terms on its website when it comes to the camera of its latest Xperia XZ and X Compact smartphones. These terms include “Blur-free photos”, “Movement is no match for Xperia X Compact”, “A camera that captures life in motion” and “Because life doesn’t stand still”.

The idea is all the same, Sony feels that the Xperia X Compact does a great job of capturing moving objects in perfect detail, even under low light conditions. An Xperia Blog reader recently got in touch to share some of his shots taken at a racetrack, which really highlights that Sony has delivered on this front. Both the Xperia XZ and X Compact have triple sensing technology and predictive autofocus which should keep your moving pictures in focus.

The pictures below have all been taken with the Xperia X Compact at a racetrack, showing the crisp shots of many of the bikers around the track. The camera’s autofocus has done a great job here, which even came as some surprise to the owner. We’ve also included a shot from a dog frisbee event, which can move at speeds up to 45 km/h. The pictures attached below have been cropped, but we have confirmed the EXIF data of all pictures included.

If you recently bought the Xperia X Compact, we’d love to hear your initial thoughts on the camera.






Thanks Mareks!

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