Do you use a lanyard on your phone?

by XB on 26th September 2016

in Accessories

sony-xperia-lanyardOne of the features we miss the most on Sony’s 2016 range of Xperia devices is the humble lanyard hole. Sony supported the use of the lanyard throughout all of the Xperia Z range since 2013, straight through to the Z5 family last year. It also supported the lanyard across a number of other mid-range Xperia handsets over the years.

It is a simple, but very useful, feature that is not natively supported by many smartphone manufacturers these days. Sony was one of the last to support the lanyard in 2015, so it was a shame to see its removal with the Xperia X series.

Smartphones by their nature are small and slippery, not ideal given how expensive some of the more premium models can be. A lanyard provides a safety net when using your phone or taking a picture – it is a feature we have found to be invaluable in not becoming another broken screen statistic (just ask the number of iPhone users you see in public sporting broken displays!)

Maybe we are in the minority, so we thought we’d throw the question out to our readers – do you use a lanyard? If so, how useful do you find it? Could you live without it? Let us know in the comments below.

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