Sony Style Cover Stand SCSF10 for Xperia XZ Review

by XB on 24th October 2016

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xperia-xz-scsf10-style-cover-stand_12The Sony Xperia XZ has only recently gone on sale over the last few weeks and one of the first challenges for new owners is finding a new case (unless you like to go ‘naked’). Sony has created two cases for the Xperia XZ which includes the Style Cover Stand SCSF10 and the Style Cover Touch SCTF10.

Today, we are looking at the Sony Style Cover Stand SCSF10 thanks to Mobile Fun, who offer a wide range of smartphone/tablet accessories and deliver worldwide. The case is available for $30.49 plus postage and is available in three colours to match your Xperia XZ (Mineral Black, White and Forest Blue). Click through to read our impressions.


The Sony SCSF10 Style Cover Stand is a simple folio case for the Xperia XZ, which provides adjustable viewing angles and auto on/off when the cover is open and closed.


The front of the case provides two holes on the top and bottom so as to not muffle either loudspeaker. The case is made from PU leather, which basically includes a real leather backing, combined with an artificial polyurethane coating that resembles leather.


The case is relatively lightweight at 53 grams and adds very little bulk to your handset. The case has dimensions of 147.5 x 76.0 x 13.4 mm.


The case includes an ample sized cut-out for the camera and flash/image sensors, which shouldn’t get in the way of any shots. The camera hole includes a black plastic frame around it which is angled to avoid any flash bleed on your shots.


The spine of the case includes a SONY logo at the bottom which is a nice touch.


The phone is held into place by a plastic frame, which covers the entire left side of the phone. The right side is mostly free, apart from the top and bottom of the phone.


The picture below shows the plastic frame gripping the Xperia XZ. The phone is also one of the few that can stand on its own, so it’s nice the case also allows this. The top of the phone is kept free, and the colour of the case matches the phone well too.


This clean look also applies to the bottom of the phone, with clear access to the USB Type-C charging port.


The right side of the case has full access to the fingerprint power button sensor, volume rocker and dedicated camera button.


The case also acts as a phone stand, allowing you to place the phone through various angles for perfect viewing.


Overall thoughts

Sony says that the Style Cover Stand SCSF10 and Xperia XZ were crafted by the same designer and it shows. The case uses the same endless “loop surface” design and it is well crafted, using a reinforced flap edge that should ensure it lasts for a long time. The case should also do a good job of protecting your phone against small knocks and bumps.

The Style Cover Stand SCSF10 costs just over the $30 price point from Mobile Fun, which we think is a fair price considering how well it fits together with the Xperia XZ. If you need a cover that will protect your phone from daily life without detracting from the Xperia XZ’s design, then the Style Cover Stand SCSF10 is a great choice.


Thanks to Mobile Fun for providing the Sony Style Cover Stand SCSF10 case for review!

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