Sony Style Cover Touch SCTF10 for Xperia XZ Review

by XB on 30th December 2016

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Sony created two official cases for the Xperia XZ, we have already reviewed the Style Cover Stand SCSF10 and today we are looking at the Style Cover Touch SCTF10. The Style Cover Touch case is quite unique in that it allows you to continue to use your phone via a see-through front cover. This means that you can keep your case closed whilst answering calls, sending a quick message or taking a picture.

The Sony Style Cover Touch case is available through Mobile Fun, who offer a wide range of smartphone/tablet accessories and deliver worldwide. The case is available for $56.49 plus postage and is available in three colours to match your Xperia XZ (Mineral Black, White and Forest Blue). Click through to read our impressions.

We are reviewing the Forest Green colour of the Style Cover Touch, which matches our handset. The case’s packaging highlights the touch sensitive cover.

The front of the case has an opaque transparent cover with a large hole at the top for the front-facing camera, proximity sensor and earpiece/speaker. There is also a smaller hole at the bottom for the main speaker.

The rear of the case has a large cut-out for the camera as well as the Xperia XZ’s triple image sensors. You will also notice that the spine of the rear is of a shiny plastic material compared to the premium silicone of the rest of the case.

There is a large cut-out for the fingerprint sensor power button. Sony uses a silicone covering for the volume and dedicated camera buttons. The buttons were responsive in use, although they are quite shallow, which means it can be a bit tricky finding the right button by touch only.

When opening the case, you can see the transparent cover matches the whole of the Xperia XZ’s glass area on the front of the handset. This means you can touch any area of the Xperia XZ’s display.

Sony uses a microfiber-suede lining on the inside of the cover where the phone is held. This should ensure no damage to the finish of your phone. The SCTF10 model number of the case is engraved onto the inside of the case which is a nice touch.

A discrete “SONY” logo is included on the spine of the case. The front flap is flexible enough to be folded back on the rear if you need it to, although this will block the rear camera.

Here you can see that the whole of the front face of the Xperia XZ’s display is accessible. We did notice that the touch sensitivity of the display is affected through the cover, but it is not a problem for basic tasks. Enabling glove mode in the display settings, does improve the sensitivity somewhat.

If you do purchase the case, you will need to ensure that the “Style Cover Touch” option is enabled in the display settings too.

The hole at the rear of the case provides enough room to ensure that it won’t get in the way of your shots. You can also see the contrast between the silicone rear and shiny plastic spine in the picture below.

The top of the phone is left exposed with the case. It’s nice to see the colour of the case match the phone.

Similarly, the bottom of the phone is also exposed, so you will not have any problems accessing the USB Type-C charging port.

The case closes flush together, but there is no latch to keep it together which may annoy some. There is a wake function when the case is opened, but the same does not apply when the case is closed. Also, we were disappointed to find that double tap to wake does not appear to work through the case. However, tap to sleep does work to turn the display off.

Overall thoughts

Overall, the Sony Style Cover Touch SCTF10 case is a great choice of case for your Xperia XZ, especially if you’re the type that has typically avoided a flip/folio type case because you like to be able to view notifications on your handset without opening the case. The touch functionality through the case works well for basic tasks, such as answering calls and launching an app. However, for more intricate use such as texting, you may find that the reduced touch sensitivity may be irksome.

The Xperia XZ Sony Style Cover Touch is a well-built case that is unique, stylish and fits the handset perfectly. As an official case, it is no surprise to learn that it complements the Xperia XZ design, adding very little bulk while providing good protection against light knocks and drops. The case is slightly more expensive than a ‘normal’ case, but it’s a great option for those who expect to take advantage of the touch screen cover.


– Ability to use touch display without opening case – entire display is accessible
– Perfect fit for the Xperia XZ and stylish too; uses same endless “loop surface” design as phone
– Good quality materials (silicon back, microfiber-suede lining)
– Screen protector not necessarily needed given touch cover
– Phone wake functionality when opening case


– Style Cover Touch SCTF10 case is not cheap
– No latch to keep the front cover closed
– Opaque front cover may not be to everyone’s taste
– No sleep functionality when closing case
– Tap to wake does not work with the flap closed (only tap to sleep works)
– Lower touch sensitivity when using touch display through case (using Glove mode helps in this regard)
– The case can not be used as a phone stand

Thanks to Mobile Fun for providing the Sony Style Cover Touch SCTF10 case for review!

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