Xperia XZ plays a starring role in Sega’s Yakuza 6: Poetry of Life

by XB on 21st January 2017

in Games, Videos, Xperia XZ series

The Yakuza game series is one of Sega’s most popular games of the last few years and has primarily been exclusive to Sony PlayStation consoles since the beginning. These are open world action-adventure games set in cities across Japan – think of it as a Shenmue-lite type experience (referring to the hugely popular Dreamcast games).

Sony has collaborated with Sega in this latest instalment to include the Xperia XZ as a key part of the interface to type messages in-game as well as to take pictures with (with the full Xperia camera UI in sight too!) You can check out more in the video below. Sega launched Yakuza 6: Poetry of Life in Japan last December and it is due for a western launch in early 2018 (under the name Yakuza 6: The Song of Life).

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