How important are thin smartphone bezels to you?

by XB on 21st February 2017

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Following on from the audacious Xiaomi Mi Mix that launched last year, with its barely existant bezels, it looks like 2017 will really be the year that manufacturers go to war on the bezel. Both the upcoming LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are likely to feature significantly reduced bezels, whilst there are growing rumours of something similar for the next iteration of the iPhone due in the autumn.

We don’t know what Sony has in store for us this year, but there is a strong chance that we will see little change to the design used in the Xperia X series of handsets. If this was the case, would it put you off going for a Sony Xperia flagship model this year, all else being equal? How important is the screen-to-display ratio to you? Or, are you one of those people that appreciate a bit of bezel to grip onto the phone? We’d love to hear your view either way in the comments below.

Picture credit: Ars Technica

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