Xperia Ear update brings voice notifications for all apps and new head gestures

by XB on 24th February 2017

in Accessories, Firmware

Sony Mobile has released a new firmware update for the Xperia Ear, which moves the app build number to 1.1.0.A.2.1. One of the big new features is that the Xperia Ear can now provide voice notifications and alerts for any app that you use. Previously, alerts were only available for select apps including Gmail, Calendar Twitter, Facebook Messenger, SMS and WhatsApp.

Head gestures have also been updated, allowing users to accept or decline calls with a shake of the head. You can also skip your music tracks backwards and forwards with a shake of the head left/right. There is also the ability to cancel a notification through head gestures too.

Other new features include the ability to filter your email notifications based on sender or subject, assistant and in-call volume in the settings menu and stability enhancements. The update can be downloaded through the Google Play Store.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

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