Android 9 Pie formally released today; will hit Xperia XZ2 by “end of this fall”

by XB on 6th August 2018

in Android

Google has unveiled that Android 9 ‘P’ stands for ‘Pie’ – so who guessed right? Today marks the public release of Android 9 Pie, and it is currently rolling to Google Pixel devices, as well as the Essential Phone (kudos to the Essential team for getting Pie released on the same day as Pixel phones).

Now we can formally start to speculate when Android 9 will hit Xperia devices. The Xperia XZ2 has been on the beta program to receive Android 9, and Google confirmed that all devices participating in the beta program will receive the public release by the “end of this fall”. We’ll bring you news once we know which Xperia devices will be updated to Android 9 Pie, and when. In the meantime, feel free to speculate about the update plan for your device below.

Thanks Diogo, Lazaros_K and someone!

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