Sony Mobile to exit South-East Asia?

by XB on 17th January 2019

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Sony Mobile has been retrenching from a number of smartphone markets over the last couple of years, in an effort to save costs, as it battles relevancy in a cutthroat industry, with fast-moving competitors. It is clear that the main focus of Sony’s smartphone endeavours are now Japan, Europe and China/Taiwan, at the expense of most other regions. Sony might still be selling their Xperia smartphones in places like the United States, but not with the same push as seen in the above regions.

Perhaps, it is therefore no surprise to learn that it looks like Sony Mobile has quietly exited the South-East Asian smartphone market. Soyacincau reports that there is no longer a Sony Mobile presence in Malaysia, as well as other South-East Asian markets such as Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Sony exited other markets like Indonesia long ago, with the last model sold there being the Xperia Z5.

The last device listed and sold in Malaysia was the Xperia XZ2 Premium – no such luck for those looking forward to the Xperia XZ3. In addition, no Xperia smartphones have been certified with the local regulatory agency SIRIM since July 2018. Other factors pointing to an exit include a clear-out of its official local store…

…while the Sony Malaysia site has now removed references to its smartphone products. Soyacincau’s local sources also confirmed that Sony Mobile is no longer active in the region.

We’re hearing similar echoes in other regions too, such as the Middle East, where Sony Mobile was rumoured to exit, albeit with no confirmation. A number of readers have got in touch referring to dwindling inventory, with no new models released.

Overall, this news is a shame for Xperia fans, as well as for the brand. It means its smartphone products have a shrinking captive audience, with the hardcore loyalists having to jump through hoops to import the phones – if they haven’t been swayed by competitors already.

Have you experienced more difficulty in buying an Xperia smartphone in your region? If so, let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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