Sony Mobile infographic details key FY13 highlights and strategic focus areas

by XB on 18th May 2014

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Sony Infographic ThumbSony reported its full year results earlier in the week and to celebrate that fact, Sony Mobile has released an infographic showcasing some of the key achievements of the last 12 months. The Sony Mobile Business Update FY13 highlights the strong financial performance of the mobile division along with the number of smartphones sold (39.1 million).

It also reminds people that Sony launched over 10 water resistant devices and that the success of the Xperia Z series helped to deliver 110 awards. The Xperia Z series launched in over 60 markets worldwide, with two models hitting T-Mobile in the US and two in China. The Xperia Z1 managed a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +36, highlighting how well it was perceived.

Sony Mobile’s core strategic focus areas

The very last graphic is perhaps the most interesting highlighting Sony Mobile’s three core strategic focus areas. These are as follows:

1) Strategic Partner & Market Engagement: We expect this covers widening Sony’s relationships with carriers and partners across the globe, with a particular focus in the US, China and South America. We covered a similar point a few days back shortly after the results.

2) Expand the Range: Sony has always released a wide portfolio devices over the last few years. This explicitly tells us that this will not stop anytime soon and that we should expect to see a wide number of Xperia handsets covering all price points.

3) Branding and Lifetime Value Management: The problem with point number two above is that it can dilute the brand, so we hope that Sony keeps a core portfolio of premium devices, which are carefully and easily distinguished from the entry-level handsets. The second point is interesting, it shows that Sony does care about the user over the lifetime ownership of the handset. Let’s hope this means longer software support.

What to expect from Sony Mobile in 2014

Dennis van Schie (SVP, Sales and Marketing) said that during 2014 Sony will be “unrelenting with our premium line“. He also promised “further innovation across our SmartWear Experience – and even bigger, better and bolder collaborations from across the Sony family”. Lots to look forward to then.

Sony Mobile Business Update FY13 infographic

Sony FY13 Infographic

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

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