How do you feel about Sony’s 21:9 super-tall displays?

by XB on 5th March 2019

in Xperia 1 series, Xperia 10 series

No one can argue that Sony is not bold, when looking at the introduction of 21:9 ultra-wide displays in its latest Xperia smartphones. The adoption of this ‘cinema’ 21:9 aspect ratio is the key marketing point for Sony’s 2019 smartphones. It also provides differentiation against peers in what remains a very competitive market. Sony has introduced its fair share of gimmicks over the years, but is this one of them?

On paper, the feeling is that while these super-tall displays might feel good in the hand, they could be a bit cumbersome in daily use given the length – particularly in trouser or jacket pockets. However, those that have used the Xperia 1 or 10 series show surprise how easy it is to get used to, and the extra screen real estate is welcome, particularly for multitasking.

What are your thoughts with Sony adopting this new tall aspect ratio? Are you looking forward to trying it out, and can you see the benefits? Or, do you long for a return to the more ‘normal’ 16:9 aspect ratios of the past? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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