The Xperia 1 II in Purple (Mirrored Slate) is gorgeous

by XB on 14th June 2020

in Hands On, Xperia 1 series

The colour purple has been a fan-favourite in Xperia smartphones ever since the Xperia Z, but it was an often used colour in Sony Ericsson phones of the past too. We saw a very vibrant purple used in last year’s Xperia 1, and Sony has re-thought the colour for its re-introduction in the Xperia 1 II.

Sony has married the mirrored chrome finish used in the Xperia Z5 Premium/XZ Premium with the colour purple to create what Sony is describing as a ‘mirror slate’ finish. This creates an almost transparent look, where the colour purple can only be seen under certain angles. It looks different depending on the angle, but not in an OTT way that certain manufacturers have chosen displaying the full array of rainbow colours.

The purple Xperia 1 II is much more elegant and understated, and easily our favourite finish of the choices available for the Xperia 1 II. It’s a shame the colour option will be so limited and only available in certain markets.

The pictures come from Marco Kao, who has some camera samples from the device too. Check out some of the purple Xperia 1 II and unboxing pics below, but check out Marco Kao for the full lot.

Sony Xperia 1 II unboxing pics

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