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Are you willing to buy Xperia S over S2 or nexus?

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  1. faris

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    As far as I know most of the stores are giving dates for march 1st week
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  2. billbond4

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    i read that there will be smart tags included the box with the Xperia S, nice :)
  3. Rene Pedroso

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    Where did you read this? Can you provide a link.
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  5. QuincyMondragon

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  7. DevilsArc

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    D0es anyone know how quick it will get update to ICS???
  8. myproffs

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    Sony Xperia S vs Samsung Galaxy S Advance
    The Galaxy S Advance: a mid-range Android phone that falls somewhere between the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S II. The Sony Xperia S is the first smartphone to carry the new Sony brand. It combines a slick design with a large screen and has a 12-megapixel camera that certainly looks impressive on paper.
  9. myproffs

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  10. faris

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    I am not sure if i can take your review seriously without actually ever using the phone.
  11. myproffs

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    which phone? Xperia S or Galaxy S Advance?
  12. faris

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