Xperia arc gets various coloured protective shells

by XB on 17th March 2011

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Xperia arc gets various coloured protective shellsAs you can see from the picture below, the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc will get a broad range of custom enclosures. It looks like the ones pictured below are not replacement housings for the arc, but more of a protective hard shell that comes in various colours/designs.

These could work quite well as they’ll probably do a good job of protecting the arc without adding too much bulk and destroying the natural beauty of the handset. We’re not sure whether these are only for the Asian market, however we’re sure we’ll see something similar in other markets too.

Xperia arc gets various coloured protective shells

Xperia arc gets various coloured protective shells

Via IT168.

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  • Ben

    those photos seems to be from China or Taiwan website. Its in Chinese.

  • Cool….

  • Anonymous

    We’re not sure exactly which country the picture is from. We’ve amended the wording in the post to reflect this.

  • JC

    It’s definatly japanese.

  • Asad

    the amount of stuff you get for iphone, its nice to see you can gat a decent case for se by se.
    Have you ever noticed that sony make some really nice iphone accessories but nothing for the xperia (hopefully this will change)

  • Arc sails sideways from X10…Will sink quickly…Abandon Ship! Dual cores next year? Too little, too late, the competition is already on the shelves. After my X10 experiences, I stay away fro Sorry errorsson…

  • Nitin

    Nice. The Ark Is so flimsy that SE had to release cases for it?

    I haven’t seen them do that before for other phones. The X10 feels positively flimsy compared to say a Desire HD, but does not warrant SE launching a case for it.

    Guess they equate slim with breakable. They should really look into the new polymers and move ahead of the 1920s plastics.

  • Alex

     I desperately want one of those. They’re perfect, any idea if they will become available in the UK or US?

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