Xperia arc gets informative promo video

by XB on 18th March 2011

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Xperia arc gets informative promo videoA new promotional video for the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc has made an appearance. Unlike some other vague videos released in the past, this one involves the little green Android robot discovering all of the features of the handset. It really sells the Xperia arc’s key attractions very well. However, at around 40 seconds the ad points to the handset having “Full HD video recording,” which looks like a mistake to us. In all of the materials released thus far, only 720p video recording has been confirmed. Despite this it’s well worth a watch below.

  • Nice promo video

  • caifan

    Nice Android little robots, bad company, incomplete and regular phone. Nothing wonderful.

  • dubaibiy

    nice phone

  • First X10 in NA

    I agree. It is what x10 should have been…to some extent. I have my dual touch x10 and i am just not sure the arc is a big enough leap forward to warrant me buying it. Its going to be the same old story…not enough ram, no ff cam, 1080p recrdng (maybe updateable though). Ive had a G1 and an x10…both have not been especially great. I will say though that because of the design, cam/vid quality I might get me another SE device. It just needs all the features I want in a phone and presently SE does not make that.

    For the record:
    Dual core
    1080p recording/playback
    Full voice integration – native
    FF cam….i mean c’mon…My Z750i had a decent one. It doesnt even need to be a great cam. Just put it there.
    3D capabilities
    Updateable thru google. They do it best. Let them take care of it…heard of the iphone?

    Bottom Line is just make the BADDEST A** DEVICE out there. We expect a higher standard us Sony customers.

    Do me proud by q3 and I will have your next “flagship”. Disappoint and who knows? While I can live with my x10 now that probly wont be the case in 6 months.

    And finally with the secure bootloader on the X10. Let me decide what I want to do with this device with full functionality. Just pretend it was a “leak” and pass it on to one of the guys at xda. They have put in a lot of work and definitely deserve it.

    I hope Rikard Skogberg and others read this. From what I read on the forums, it is what we ALL want.


  • Anonymous

    Hey troll what’s up :D

    If you hate SE no need to visit their forums because believe me it will just drive you insane hehe, you and other trolls will never stop their great success :)

  • Rasto Toma

    Definitelly a really amazing video. Also seen benchmarks compared to x10 which scored less than half of fps in neocore and if it can take 1080p videos with its exmor r which can be previewed on bravia engine powered display, its just amazing. Im in love with my x10 (rooted and jit enabled) and original fw with arcs launcher make it a gorgeous piece, but arc seems to be twice as good, even more amazing than sgs2 or new 3d optimus from lg, which is hell of a machine…. I must admit im fan of sony as well as se, but im proud of that.

  • caifan

    Hey idiot, what’s up :D

    In fact, I don’t hate SE, and I laugh about Arc because there’s a better phone from the same company, Xperia Neo, wich for me, is a more complete phone. Arc is just overrated and I don’t understand why stupid guys like you are so excited about it, when Neo is a way better.
    Now, you talk about success? are you a wizard or future teller? you can’t talk about success without seeing the results of marketing first.
    PS: idiot.

  • Asad

    Like i said before nowhere on the phone does it say 8.1MP or 720p so they could make it 16MP and 1080p as the chip supports its. remember when the rumours where going around they where saying 1080p video recordings

  • Caifan is gay

    hey idiotic stupid troll, whats up :D

    Your gay, shut the f*** u* and write your stupid comments somewhere else, you just said “bad company” so you more or less hate SE.

    PS: Stupid piece of arrogant s**t

  • Nitin

    Asad, The scorpion chip used on this phone does NOT support 1080p. For that you need the dual cores Tegra 2, Exynos, or the new Dual core scorpion processor.

    They launched this phone with essentially last year’s hardware. My guess is it was supposed to have launched last year, but SE flubbed it and delayed the launch because of some snafu.

    Purely on specs, it’s a step down from the HTC Desire HD. How it works is to be seen.

  • Katie Johnson

    Cant wait to get the arc! Will be sad to see the x10 go.

  • caifan

    …And here’s another fanboy/sheep! Cheers for these dumb kid! :D

  • the htc desires Hd is on par with this camera in low light the arc is far superior

  • caifan doesnt hate sony ericsson he is another troll who brought an x10 and is seething like a baby because they wont update his phone. lol go to xda they will fix u up :D

  • Nitin

    That’s why I said specs. Real performance is another thing. On the other hand what you can’t evade is that the processor is the same as the desire hd, with significantl lower ram and rom.

    It’s decent overall, and I might have bought it just for the camera had SE not shafted us X10 buyers.

  • it would have been nice is the specs were slightly higher

  • Bandit

    Xperia ARC follows Sony Ericsson’s tradition of relentless fail and class leading embarrassment. Releasing a shiny pathetic phone with last years hardware, while charging premium prices… well, what can I say… with the X10, a lot of people were fooled by SE lies, but you know the facts with the ARC. So if you go with this phone, and start complaining about the fact that applications have started to take advantage of two cores but you’re stuck in the middle ages, you don’t have enough RAM, you don’t have 1080p, etc…. the jokes on your ass. That’s Sony.

    When you just believe they can’t fail miserably again, they prove you wrong. THAT’S SE.


  • NoXiouS

    Make Believe is the world Sorry Errorsson lives in, because the real world moves too fast for them. After X10 Epic Fail, millions will never trust S.E. ever again. Arc sails sideways from X10, not forward. I’m looking to replace my X10’s soon, but I’m limited to what’s available on my network for discount. Xperia “Plague” & Arc are NOT being considered.

  • Rivfdfgh

    in 0.40 sec of video it says full hd recording wow if that’s happening

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